Meet the Team

It all started as most companies do, with one man and his dog in a garage!  Over the years, the office has grown and we now have a great head office team to make sure our competitions are run smoothly and efficiently and that there is always someone on hand to answer your questions.  Please do get in touch. 

It always good to put a name to a face, so here they are.  Like you, we all dream about owning a supercar!

William Hindmarch

Founder and CEO

Drives: BMW X5 (blame kids!)

Dream car: Caterham R500

Illustrious leader and car fanatic. 
Dreams of building his own Caterham (but has trouble operating a penknife)

Rupert Garton

Commercial Director

Drives: Ducati

Dream car: Ariel Atom 500

Just finished stage 20 of the Tour de France (he claims without shaving his legs).
DIY supremo and will fix anything with cable ties and gaffer tape.

Ian Atkinson

Sales Director

Drives: Mercedes C class

Dream car: Ferrari F430

Strawberry Blond sales guru and the world’s greatest enthusiast. 
(you’d have to be to support Man City)

Fikerte Gizaw


Drives: VW Golf

Dream car: Porsche 911

Be nice to Fikerte as she will make sure your car is paid for!
Be really nice to her and you might get a few extras..

Ben Hughes

Marketing Director

Drives: Audi A3

Dream car: Aston Martin DB9

OCD tendencies. But in a good way (his wife would disagree, mind).

Vanessa de Oliveira

Operations Manager

Drives: Nothing. I'm eco friendly! I walk!

Dream car: Audi R8 V10 Spyder

Adores cars but hasn’t learnt to drive yet...Insists she is working on it! 5 years later, where's the Driving licence Vanessa?

Charlotte Warmington

Head of HR

Drives: Audi A3 Sport

Dream car: Merc SL55 AMG

Fiercely efficient and often noisy.


Email Marketing Manager

Drives: Pinnacle Lithium Two… he only has 1 mile to work!

Dream car: Any modern Lamborghini. A true supercar.


Chloe Doyle

Accounts Assistant

Drives: Volkswagen Polo

Dream car: She doesn't have a favorite dream car. She would have seven super cars, one for every day of the week.