Our Values


It is all about Trust

We know in this world sometimes all is not what it seems (especially in the world of competitions) and we realise how important trust is to you. For the record, we are a UK Registered Company, listed on the London Stock Exchange and we are fully audited and transparent.  However “trust” runs much deeper than this and the integrity of our competitions and staff is central to everything we do.


We own the metal

Much copied but never matched! A key difference between BOTB and the many operators that have tried to run similar businesses in the past is that we have over £2 million worth of Supercars that the company owns (and are fully paid for – not leased!) on display in the airports waiting to be won. We guarantee our competitions and have never let a customer down in 10 years.


Customers want to speak to real people

A real pet hate of our Managing Director is websites that stop you picking up the phone!  How often do you spend hours searching for that elusive number?  If you call us we will be delighted to hear from you - good or bad. Here it is again... +44 (0)20 7371 8866.  Any email enquiry will be dealt with promptly, either with a call back or an email reply within 48 hours. Or just come and see us at our offices in London!


The very best cars on offer

People have accused us of being immodest – but we don’t have the name BOTB for fun! We believe that having the latest and most exciting cars on display to be won is a key part of the business and we always strive to have them. We are always glad to hear of new models, or other prizes you think should be on offer, so please do let us know!


Business should be fun

All business is hard work but we firmly believe it should also be fun. We have lots of car lovers in the company, and like you, we dream about supercars. We try to organise trackdays and other car related events for staff wherever possible. We will also be looking to involve our customers more in the future, so watch this space!