BOTB Caterham Build!

We like a challenge here at Best of the Best. Not content with tracking down our latest dream car winner every week no matter where they are in the world, we’ve also decided to try and build a Caterham from scratch! As you'll have already seen in our free comps, we will be running an annual BOTB Caterham GP event at Silverstone where we’ll feature the car, and we're also going to use it for winner's surprises, future track days and other events. In fact, seeing as it's bright blue with an orange stripe down the middle, you won't be able to miss us!

Will has tasked all the team at BOTB HQ in London with assisting in one way or another - for some that means the heavy lifting, whilst others provide useful spare hands! Either way, the challenge is to have the car finished and on the road in time for the BOTB Caterham GP event in early September (fancy our chances?!)

We’ll be blogging our progress below and on our social media channels, so you can stay up to date with our trials and tribulations! And if any of you know a sprocket from a damper then we'll also be inviting you down to muck in!

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