Instant Win Winners

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Mr. Dixen Daniel

Mr. Dixen Daniel, Dublin, Ireland

IW 297 - MacBook Air
Completed: 17/12/2008

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"Thank you very much!"

Mr. Kukoc, Mr. Lawless and Mr. Taylor

Mr. Kukoc, Mr. Lawless and Mr. Taylor, United Kingdom

IW296 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 07/12/2008

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"I don't know what to say, I'm absolutely speechless. Thank you!"

Mr. Syed Ehteshamuddin

Mr. Syed Ehteshamuddin, Dubai, UAE

IW 292 - Sony Playstation 3 Bundle
Completed: 06/12/2008

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"I won? I don't believe it! Thank you!"

Mr. Anthony Bickle

Mr. Anthony Bickle, Sunderland, United Kingdom

IW295 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 03/11/2008

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"Ahh, so it's all well and good? Seriously? Ahh, superb!!

Mr. Ian Whiteside

Mr. Ian Whiteside, United Kingdom

IW 275 - 7 night holiday for 2 in the Maldives
Completed: 03/11/2008

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"That's simply amazing!"

Mr. Fahri Altinor

Mr. Fahri Altinor, Cyprus

IW 293 - Palmer Sport Trackday
Completed: 18/10/2008

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"Oh, thanks a lot!"

Mr. Jean Thomas, Saudi Arabia

IW294 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 25/08/2008

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"I was a little bit surprised! Thank you! Brilliant! Thank you very much!"

Mr. Paul Cormack

Mr. Paul Cormack, Dalkeith, Scotland

IW 291 - Omega Planet Ocean
Completed: 20/08/2008

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"Oh, WOW, that's fantastic! I've played many times before and never won the top prize yet."

Mr. Derek Sims

Mr. Derek Sims, Hull, United Kingdom

IW 290 - Sony Bravia TV + Home Cinema System
Completed: 19/08/2008

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"I’m delighted to tell you my TV & Home Cinema system have just arrived safe & well. Once again, my thanks to you personally for your help and to Best of the Best, who have made me a very happy customer & winner."

Mr. James Froud

Mr. James Froud, Florida, USA

IW 280 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 21/06/2008

"What a handsome looking watch - its awesome.  Thanks so much for your incredible customer service. Best of the best 'rocks' and to let you know, I have already recruited a few supporters of yours already - one colleague who I believe entered last night.  Now, to win the Ferrari...  As my mom always used to say - 'nothing ventured, nothing gained! All the best & thanks very much."

Dr. Panayiotis Theofanoyiannis

Dr. Panayiotis Theofanoyiannis, Ealing, United Kingdom

IW 279 - MacBook Air
Completed: 19/06/2008

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"You're joking! That's fantastic! Thank you!"

Mr. Peter Lynch

Mr. Peter Lynch, Lancashire, United Kingdom

IW 278 - MacBook Air
Completed: 19/04/2008

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"Brilliant news! Thank you very, very much!"

Mr. Steven Baker

Mr. Steven Baker, Brighton, United Kingdom

IW 276 - Sony Bravia TV + Home Cinema Setup
Completed: 28/03/2008

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"You must be joking! That's great!"

Mr. Demetrios Georgiou

Mr. Demetrios Georgiou, London, United Kingdom

IW 274 - Rolex Submariner
Completed: 18/02/2008

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"The watch is nice actually, isn't it? Very nice! Thank you!"

Mr. Greg Hickman

Mr. Greg Hickman, United Kingdom

IW 272 - iPod Touch and speakers
Completed: 26/01/2008

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"Brilliant. Thanks very much!"

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