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Horrors of the Supercar tuning world pt3…

Posted 6 years ago in Miscellaneous News

Another week, another trio of automotive visual assaults…

So, just when you thought it was safe to look at the screen, we have three more ‘modified’ cars to show you. These cars are certainly not for the shy and retiring type of customer…

Exhibit A: The Hamann Volcano

The McLaren Mercedes SLR. One of the exclusive group of ‘hypercars’, it has never been a subtle vehicle with its long nose and A-Pillar pivoting doors. It wasn’t exactly lacking in power either, with 626bhp. However once again, some feel that isn’t enough, and that the exterior is too subtle, so they turn to Hamann, who create the Volcano. Available in red, white or yellow mixed with carbon, it definitely stands out. Wide wheel arches front and rear, a massive rear wing, a front splitter and roof vent are all in naked carbon, making for a striking look. The engine also gets breathed on, fettled to produce 700bhp which pushes the top speed up to 220mph.

The interior also gets a look-in, with a retrim and all the carbon parts redone in colour impregnated carbon to match the exterior. Classy.

Exhibit B: The Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost

The first of two offerings from the self confessed ‘styling gurus’ at Mansory, they are on shaky ground here. Rolls Royce are as classy as a brand can get, bought by the wealthy and royalty world-over. Clearly Mansory believe that British restraint and subtelty is out of fashion, and they add their usual blue hue to every inch of the car, this time teamed with 24ct Gold plating. There are no shots of the interior, but we can assume it will be as restrained as the exterior.

The worst part of it for this writer, is that they must think that the hundreds of hours that Rolls Royce’s engineers spent on creating the perfect ride for a limousine, were complete rubbish, so they lower the suspension and fit bigger (horrible looking) wheels. It must ride awfully now, which probably causes said engineers to weep every time they see one.

They do however also work on the engine, so at least the performance is better; it now pumps out a hypercar rivalling 720bhp thanks to bigger turbos and some ECU tweaking.

Exhibit C: The Mansory Vitesse Rosé

For their second appearance Mansory viscously attack another British luxury car; this time the footballer’s favourite, the Bentley Continental GT. The Conti GT has been subjected to many dubious tuning attempts in recent years, but personally we feel none have been as visually offensive as this Vitesse Rosé. Pink paint, carbon bonnet and cheap looking wheels all combine to make this a car for those who really want to be noticed, but probably for all the wrong reasons. Luckily they will be able to escape the Taste Police, as they have tuned the engine as well, now giving out 650bhp. Unfortunately nothing will let you escape the interior, which somehow manages to be even more hideous than the exterior:

Pink leather combines inexplicably with purple alcantara, giving the impression of a pimp’s boudoir. Frankly anyone who is happy driving around in this automotive offence needs the help of a psychotherapist.

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  2. Jeff says:

    It really is anziamg how filthy rich some people are that companies like this even think of producing out of this world products with equally staggering prices. On a side note, where is the yacht and car in the photo? I only see two spaceships.

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