TOP 5's
Welcome to the top 5 fastest production cars ever to tear up the earth.
Power: 1184bhp
Top Speed: 268mph
0-100mph: 5.2 secs
On a beautiful sunny day at 25 degrees the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport achieved a new landspeed world record for production cars, on the proving grounds of the Volkswagen Group at Ehra-Lessien (nearby its headquarters at Wolfsburg). In the presence of the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV) and a representative of Guinness Book of Records the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport achieved an average top speed of 431 km/h... Read More

Power: 1018bhp
Top Speed: 252mph
0-100mph: 5.1 secs
Shelby Supercars (SSC), manufacturer of the ultra high-performance Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo, set the new "Worlds Fastest Production Car" record with an average top speed of 256.15 mph. Confident of the 1183 hp vehicles abilities, SSC set out to validate their top speed claim in accordance with the strict guidelines set by Guinness World Records. Among other requirements, in order to meet Guinness approval, a vehicle testing for the top speed record must drive down the course, turn around, and make a second pass in the opposite direction within one hour... Read More

Power: 1018bhp
Top Speed: 252mph
0-100mph: 5.1 secs
The Koenigsegg Edition has been created to break records in the traditional Koenigsegg way. The aim with the Koenigsegg CCXR Edition is to deliver superior performance - on the track, in a straight line and on country roads - and to do so in style and comfort. According to our comparative studies, no other supercar can match the Koenigsegg CCXR Edition in terms of power-to-weight ratio, aerodynamic balance, downforce and chassis stiffness. At the same time, the Edition maintains the Koenigsegg CCX's fantastic drivability and its ability to absorb uneven road surfaces like no other supercar... Read More

Power: 627bhp
Top Speed: 231mph
0-100mph: 6.3 secs
The McLaren F1 is a sports car designed and manufactured by Gordon Murray and McLaren Automotive. On March 31, 1998, it set the record for the fastest production car in the world, 240 mph (391 km/h). As of April 2009, the McLaren F1 is succeeded by three faster cars in sheer top speed, but is still the fastest naturally aspirated production car.
The car features numerous proprietary designs and technologies. It is lighter and has a more streamlined structure than even most of its modern rivals and competitors despite having one seat more than most similar sports cars, with the driver's seat located in the middle... Read More

Power: 542bhp
Top Speed: 213mph
0-100mph: 7.9 secs
The Jaguar XJ220 is a mid-engined supercar produced by Jaguar in collaboration with Tom Walkinshaw Racing as Jaguar Sport between 1992 and 1994. It held the record for the highest top speed of a production car (350 km/h, 217 mph) until the arrival of the McLaren F1 in 1994. The XJ220 is unrelated with the other XJ models, although shares the same name 'XJ'... Read More