Financial Calendar

Forecast Key Dates

Date Event
31st January 2018 Next Interim Announcement
30th April 2018 Next Year End
June 2018 Next Preliminary Announcement
September 2018 Next Annual General Meeting
October 2018 Next Annual Dividend Payment
31st October 2018 Next Interim Period End

 Previous Key Dates

Date Event
22nd September 2017 Last Ordinary Dividend Payment (1.4p)
7th September 2017 Last Annual General Meeting
28th July 2017 Annual Report Posted
30th June 2017 Special Dividend Payment (6.5p)
8th June 2017 Last Preliminary Announcement
30th April 2017 Last Year End
18th January 2017 Last Interim Announcement
2nd December 2016 Special Dividend Payment (10.0p)
31st October 2016 Last Interim Period End
14th October 2016 Annual Ordinary Dividend Payment (1.3p)
18th March 2016 Special Dividend Payment (19.5p)
19th December 2014 Special Dividend Payment (14.5p)
24th November 2011 Tender Offer Results
4th November 2011 Announcement of Tender Offer
14th August 2006 Admission to AIM