Meet the Team


Founder & CEO

Will started BOTB having loved cars all his life. He recently fulfilled a dream of building a Caterham Super Seven from scratch and even more amazingly, it actually works! He takes great pleasure in seeing someone win the car of their dreams every week.


Commercial Director

If it can't be fixed with an electric screwdriver, zip ties or gaffer tape, then it can't be fixed says Rupert. Getting around town in a Audi A3 Hybrid, he'll opt for the Ducati 1100 if he's running late to work. He's previously owned an AC Cobra (pre-kids!) and dreams of owning an Ariel Nomad (post-kids?) Although his three young children take up most of his time, family-man Rupert still manages to stay fit with the occasional spurt of kite surfing and even manages to compete in events such as Ironman, which he begrudgingly admits was because of a lost bet...


Operations Manager

Starting at BOTB back in 2007 when the website was... purple... Vanessa has always been close to Customer Service but is now BOTB's Operations Manager, making sure we're all in line and the ship is sailing smoothly. She's got a soft spot for the Audi R8 Spyder but has recently fallen in love with the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante in a very specific Mariana Blue with cream leather seats. Vanessa even knows which shoes she'd wear to match the car! Having an Aston would definitely incentivise her to learn to drive something other than a Go Kart!


Customer Services

If you call into BOTB HQ, it's likely you'll end up speaking to our Customer Services Manager, Amanda. She's always willing to help, except when the dishwasher needs emptying!



Kev's a geek in and out of work, which is great for BOTB's technology! Leading the IT team, he's been with the company for years and seen it grow from a tiny website through to the new one we have today. Get him talking about technology, games or photography and you'll find his eyes light up as he talks at a hundred miles an hour. Skidding around dirt roads or mounting sand dunes in an Ariel Nomad is one of Kev's dreams, but for now he's going to have to settle with the adrenaline rush that he gets from being a 'Magic: The Gathering' Qualified International Tournament Judge.


Airport Director

Meet Ian, a character you're unlikely to forget... for the right reasons of course! Helping steer BOTB to success over the last 10 years, Ian travels across the country to support, motivate and develop our retail teams. An avid bargain hunter who should have his own blog with tips on where and how to save money, in his words: "look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves!"


Senior Developer

Being a bit of a foodie, Choo goes by the mantra "follow your nose" and is on the constant lookout for exciting new food. He'll tell you in a heartbeat what his dream car is: a Mercedes C63S Coupe in diamond white, equipped with Burmester sound system. We don't think any food would be allowed in the car though…


Marketing Director

A creature of habit, Ben has the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. Aside from managing the marketing team at BOTB, he's also responsible for office sweepstakes, the Christmas quiz and terrible 80's throwbacks and trivia. A father of two young girls, working with cars provides the perfect antidote to all the dolls and pink stuff he's surrounded with at home, although we think he quite likes it really…


Data Analyst

Simon turns huge sheets of seemingly random numbers and codes into meaningful, insightful and (most importantly) beautifully formatted graphs and charts. When not crunching the numbers at BOTB HQ, he writes music and creates sound effects for various fringe and amateur theatre groups around London, but has yet to soundscape a play about cars (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one day maybe?) If he was an Edwardian gent, born in the late 1800’s he'd dream of owning a Lagonda Torpedo, but as an eighties child he'll settle for a Lotus Exige instead!


Marketing Executive

Hailing from exotic Venezuela, Gabriel (sometimes referred to as G-Cab) is a Marketing Executive at BOTB and a yoga junkie. He's a fan of classic rock, classical cars, avocados and red wine (sometimes all together). He dreams of driving Route 66 with Mick Fleetwood in a 1955 Mercedes 300 SLR.


Graphic Designer & Video Editor

If you see Javi on his quick walk in to work (he only lives 2 minutes away!) you may mistake him for a rockstar. He's got the leather jacket, sunglasses and occasionally the guitar for band practice. In his spare time Javi gets the camera out, taking snaps around London and collects classic vinyl. Javi would fit perfectly into an American muscle car: a classic Mustang or even a modern Hellcat...


Web & eCRM

Shell Patel has a silly rhyming name, but it's destined to be famous! She's been with BOTB for a few years now, working within the Marketing team. Alongside her talents in marketing she's a big foodie, spending most of her spare time scouring Instagram for the latest hidden gem or bottomless brunch! Even though she loves her Brompton dearly, Shell aspires to be the proud owner of a Classic Porsche 911 cruising the open roads of London… or more like sitting in standstill traffic -- either way she'd be happy!


Digital Marketing Manager

Vikki is a born and bred Saaf Londoner and has been on the marketing team at BOTB for a few years. Although she's super-girly and obsessed with bunny rabbits, she dreams of racing around town in a Nissan GT-R or Honda Civic Type R! Vikki is at her happiest with a cheese sandwich and a glass of wine. She possibly consumed these before the picture was taken...



As BOTB's principal accountant, Fikerte is only capable of thinking in numbers. She has always been more of a "from point A to point B" type of woman... until the McLaren 675LT came out. She's now set up an 85-year savings plan to get one, by which time she will be 124!


Accounts Assistant

Arul loves numbers nearly as much as Fikerte. BOTB's resident cricket expert, Arul will often be tuned into Test Match Special (supporting Sri Lanka of course) whilst he's crunching the numbers or arranging the payroll!


Human Resources & Recruitment Manager

Fred found his home at BOTB a few years ago and looks after the people functions at our dynamic retail sites in airports and shopping centres. A match made in heaven, Fred likes people and does whatever he can in helping them go further.

Ever the pragmatist, he is all for continuous change and improvement. Fred lives by the cheesy question... "What do we do well, what can we do differently and better?"

One thing though... don't ask him about cars. We've got Fred because he's good with people.



He talks on the radio and drives cars for a living….some say it’s not even really a job (us included!)

Christian presents the weekend breakfast show on Virgin Radio across the UK as well as being the presenter for the BOTB surprise videos. He fell in love with cars when his Dad had an old Mercedes 280 SL - the smell of oil, leather and petrol really got into his skin.

Watch out for Christian every Tuesday morning!


News Editor

Tim is BOTB's resident blogger and expert on all things car-related. As proficent using Facebook Live as tinkering with engines, Tim likes nothing better than getting under the bonnet of a car - any car!


Public Relations

Nathan is possibly the only person to employ the services of a celebrity photographer and retoucher for his corporate headshot. Despite this vanity, he does in fact cut his own hair and was recently trolled by his own wife for wearing skinny purple chinos (rolled up to reveal a 'Mankle') while interviewing Dream Car winner Chris Hutchings. Along with chatting to winners, filming follow-ups and encouraging the Press to write about BOTB, he lusts after the new Porsche Targa. But he needs to buy a new kitchen first. Priorities eh? Vroom.