Alfa Romeo Giulia revealed and we can't wait. {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

5 Jun 2015

It has been many many years in the making, but finally the new medium sized saloon Alfa Romeo has been revealed – the Giulia. The new car was scheduled to be released back in 2012, but due to internal changes at Alfa and global changes to the markets, not to mention the fact that Sergio Marchionne hated the styling of the original car and had it scrapped and redesigned, it was massively delayed. But finally now we get to see it and from our point of view, it has been worth the wait.

Now Alfa have been very clever here, they’ve revealed the range-topping model first, which obviously looks the best and has the headline-grabbing figures, so it gets maximum impact, but we can’t help but be impressed. Just looking at the styling first, it’s a stunner.

Yes, there is more than a hint of the latest BMW 3-Series in the bodyshape, especially in the front ¾ view, but add in the classic large central Alfa grille dominating the front end and the more muscular body and details and it immediately jumps to the top of the class in styling. Whereas Jaguar have played it safe with the XE, Alfa have gone straight for the heart strings approach.

The car seen in the pictures is the range-topping Quadrifoglio Verde (QV) model (that’s four leaf clover to you and I) so is as pumped up as it can be, but you get some serious looks here. At the front the grille is flanked by two huge air intakes, with a couple of brake cooling ducts above them. At the bottom sits a carbon fibre splitter which is active – so it moves up and down depending on your speed to create more downforce. The curvy bonnet has two vents as well, adding to the look. There’s a vent behind the front wheels that leads along the bodyside and the side skirts feature some carbon fibre trim, while there are some frankly gorgeous 20-inch alloy wheels hiding the large performance brakes. At the rear there are slightly Audi-esque lights, a large functional diffuser housing the staggered quad tailpipes and a carbon lip spoiler atop the bootlid. The interior has yet to be revealed but expect a very driver-focused setup.


This top QV model will be aiming its shapely nose right in the direction of the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 when it’s launched, and certainly has the firepower to take them on. Under the bonnet sits a twin turbocharged 3.0 litre V6 producing a staggering 503 bhp. That really is a huge output for such a small engine, though the fact that it is being developed by Ferrari for their new Dino model (sub-California T) explains a lot. Listening to the video above shows that they’ve certainly got the soundtrack right too and you won’t be yearning for a V8. That power is sent to the rear wheels (AWD will be available in some markets, but we’re guessing only LHD ones) ensuring decent handling balance. What will mark this out from the German rivals though is the fact that the QV will be available with a manual gearbox (the interior was snapped at the launch with a 6spd manual gear lever) making the driving experience more immersive. It’s likely that a dual clutch gearbox will also be offered.

With the addition of a carbon fibre roof panel and bonnet, the QV is said to weigh 1500 kg, which means that it can sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.9 seconds. The Giulia goes on sale early in 2016 and we’ll bring you all the new information on pricing and specs when it is released.