BMW M4 GTS revealed. Lighter and more powerful. {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

1 Jan 2016

There are some who look at the new BMW M4 and think “Gee, 425bhp isn’t really enough and I wasn’t it to be more hardcore”. Yeah, we think they’re a bit odd too, but clearly BMW have listened because they’ve just revealed the new M4 GTS – a hardcore track-biased variant of their biggest selling M-car. And it’s pretty good news on all fronts – less weight, more power, better aero – with a couple of smaller issues – price and wheels.

So let’s start with the technical stuff – the twin turbocharged 3.0 litre straight-six engine now produces a heady 493bhp (up 68bhp) and 443lb/ft of torque (up 37lb/ft), while here are strict weight-saving measures all over the car. There’s a new, more vented carbon fibre reinforced plastic bonnet, carbon ceramic brakes, carbon centre console and door panels, no rear seats, carbon bucket seats and carbon all over the car, which adds up to an 80kg loss – taking the car to 1510kg. It would be more but there’s a standard fit roll cage where the rear seats were. There’s also a titanium exhaust system by Akrapovic to give some added aural pleasure.

This means the new M4 GTS takes just 3.8 seconds to get to 62mph – half a second faster than the standard M4. But with the adjustable suspension setup and aero tweaks the M4 GTS has a Nürburgring lap time of 7min 28sec – a staggering 20 seconds faster than the previous M3 GTS.

Visually there are a few changes over the standard car, most noticeable being the new cross-spoke wheels which are orange with polished fronts. Style is all personal, but we’re not fans. A simpler, dark wheel would be much more suitable. Elsewhere there is the new bonnet which is curvier, with extra vents, a large carbon splitter at the front with orange accents and at the rear a massive carbon fibre adjustable wing. The GTS is available in 3 colours – black, white and ‘Frozen’ (matte) grey.

BMW are making just 700 (30 in RHD) M4 GTSs, which is probably for the best given the somewhat enormous £121, 700 price tag – more than double the price of a standard M4.