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1 Apr 2016

British muscle, old and new, what a choice. The 70’s V8 isn’t what you could call beautiful, it’s a great looking car but probably best described as brutish, purposeful. But there’s a mighty powerful big V8 under that long bonnet and it oozes the kind of class that will get you into any country club you drive up to. Then we have the modern V8 Vantage – arguably one of the best looking cars of the 21st century – if you can walk past one of these without staring you probably shouldn’t be on this site. The fact that it’s also an incredibly accomplished sports car and makes a truly insane sound just adds to the coolness. The modern V8 gets all the same cache as the old one, but adds modern tech, engine, driving pleasure and looks into the bargain, so it’s a fairly easy choice.

Tim’s Choice: Current.

Corvette Stingray Vs 1950’s Corvette C1

An American icon, from the beginning to the modern day. The C1 Corvette started it all off with the long bonnet, big V8, curvaceous lines and sporty handling, with one of the coolest shapes ever penned. The two tone paint job, white wall tyres, quad headlights all add up to an incredibly good car to look at and if you cruise around, to drive too. The modern Stingray takes the Corvette into the future, abandoning all curves for an angular, aggressive look that scares small children and looks like it would eat other road users. Of course it still has a big V8 and sounds incredible too, but as with the older model it’s still LHD over here in the UK which is an inconvenience. If I’m going to be sitting on the left I want to be able to chill out and look as good as possible (a tough ask, let me tell you) so this time I’m going to choose the effortless cool of the Corvette C1.

Tim’s Choice: Classic

Jaguar F-Type V6S Vs 1960’s Jaguar E-Type

Ooh, now this is a tough one. Possibly the most iconic British sports car of all time versus one of the best looking cars on sale today, both stunning, both packing 6-cylinder engines. The E-Type has that long bonnet, the tapering rear, the wire wheels and one of the best engines ever put in a sports car. It goes really well too and won’t disappoint in the corners with handling that would shame many a modern sports car – not the F-Type though. The F-Type has a handling balance that most manufacturers only dream of achieving, making the driver feel like a hero every time they string together a sequence of corners. It also looks incredible, with many nods to the E-Type in the design but brought well into the modern era with angular styling and a powerful stance. The supercharged V6 engine has plenty of punch too and sounds like nothing on earth. This really is a tricky choice, but I’d have to go for the most iconic sports car of the last century and pretend to be a super stylish movie star from the 1960s every time I drove it…

Tim’s Choice: Classic

Porsche 911 Carrera Vs 1970’s Porsche 911

The pinnacle of German engineering, honed over 50 years. This is a slightly different prospect to the other cars in this article, as the 911 is basically the same as it was when it was launched in principle so you really are choosing between the earliest and latest iteration of the same design. Long wings with round headlights, upright screen, tapering rear, large glasshouse, rear mounted flat-six engine, rear wheel drive. All these things are the same in 1970 as they are in 2016, along with sublime handling and a purposeful yet ultimately uninspiring interior. So it really comes down to whether you want old or new. As I see it, the engineering boffins have been working on what is effectively an ineffective powertrain layout (the engine at the back is always going to upset the handling balance of the car) over 50yrs to make it the very best it can be, so I’d take the modern option. Still looks like a 911, drives like a 911 and feels like a 911, but you get all the joys of a modern car too.

Tim’s Choice: Current