BOTB Asks: Ferrari 488 GTB or Lamborghini Huracan? {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

15 Mar 2017

Okay, to start with this is a little like asking if you’d like a premium fillet steak or an oak-aged ribeye – you know they’re both going to be incredible. Or between a night with Emily Ratajkowksi or Kate Upton. Or Channing Tatum or that fella who plays Tarzan in the new movie, anyway you get the idea. Tough choice.

So here we are with the choice of two of the best supercars on the market and unless you’re planning on buying tickets for both (in which case, good on you!) you need to decide between them, and I’ll hopefully help you with that choice so we’ll start by breaking them down into different attributes…


Styling is a very personal thing, and this is a very tricky one to call. To the causal onlooker the 488 and Huracan look very similar, both low, wide supercars with vents and intakes all over. But the Huracan is all about the sharp edges and creases while the 488 is full of sweet Italian curves, the Lambo aggression and the Ferrari style. So which is better? Subjectively for me the Lambo has to take it – the Huracan is so dramatic it rivals the Aventador for looks, the super low nose and rising waistline making it look like it’s going 200mph when it’s parked. The 488 is a beautiful car for sure, but the detailing lets it down for me; the side vents are too large and eat into the bodywork too much, while the nose looks too high. So Huracan it is!

Tim’s Winner: Lamborghini


The interior of the two supercars generally follows the theme of the exterior, with the Huracan being angular and aggressive, the 488 more curvy. Whereas the interior of the Lambo initially looks great, after spending some time with them both there are just too many buttons on the centre console and it’s generally too fussy. The 488 is a far more simple arrangement, with all the same things like navigation and infotainment handled by the twin screens flanking the central rev counter. The Huracan has the excellent virtual display, but the Huracan has to lose for me simply because of the low header rail – I am fairly tall but it was right in my eye line which makes for terrible visibility. So the 488 wins here, but as a special note both cars fail in my eyes thanks to the stupid button-festooned steering wheels. The Lambo particularly has a ridiculous rocker switch for the indicators which is near impossible to use with the wheel turned.

Tim’s Winner: Ferrari


There’s a clear divide between the two here as well – the Ferrari is RWD while the Lambo powers all four wheels. They both use a superfast dual clutch gearbox, but the Ferrari’s is slightly faster, but there’s not much in it. There’s much more to separate them in the driving experience though – the 488 is light on its feet with direct, communicative steering and a chassis that can be steered on the throttle if need be. The Lamborghini is still an incredible drive, but it excels in the huge grip levels, crazy speeds you can carry through corners and all weather performance. The steering isn’t as communicative but certainly not as bad as some journalists make out. If I had to choose one to drive down the Route Napoleon it would be the prancing horse.

Tim’s Winner: Ferrari


The way these cars create their power is as different as night and day. The Ferrari is all about the new tech, with a downsized 3.9 litre twin turbo V8 putting out a mammoth 660bhp and 561lb/ft of torque. The Lambo is old school – a huge 5.2 litre V10, no turbos, just old fashioned grunt from a big engine, producing 602bhp and 413lb/ft. The number speak for themselves in that the 488 Spider is slightly faster, but only the most skilled drivers would notice. What it comes down to is how you like your power to be delivered and how you like your supercar to sound – the 488 has done its best to mask the issues a turbocharger causes to the noise and driving, but the lag is still noticeable at low revs and it doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as the old 458 engine. Whereas the Huracan’s engine is a masterpiece of sound and joy, the glorious V10 sound assaulting your ears, especially with the sports exhaust. This is all personal of course, but for me there is a clear winner in this segment.

Tim’s Winner: Lamborghini


Hmmm, so it’s a draw, which isn’t very helpful for you lot reading. I would take the Lamborghini personally, because the heart and soul of any supercar is the engine and I prefer the Huracan’s powerplant. But I’m not you, so decide away – or buy tickets for both!