BOTB Asks: Hard Top or Soft Top? {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

26 Apr 2017

BOTB has chosen six cars that are available in either a Coupe or Convertible format for this week's promotion. Tim takes a look and decides which would win if it was him choosing...

Jaguar F-Type V6S Coupe Vs. V6S Convertible

Ah, the Jaguar F-Type – consistently one of the most popular sports cars in our competition in both coupe and convertible guise, but which one to choose? Both have the same fantastic 375bhp supercharged V6 engine, both have that fantastic cabin and aggressive nose, even sharing the same sleek rear lights and central twin exhaust pipes. Those pipes emit a truly intoxicating noise too so the temptation is to go for the convertible so you can hear it more, but for me the F-Type coupe is the best looking coupe on sale today – the rear end with the sloping tailgate, powerful haunches and gorgeous side profile mean it just has to be the tin top.

Tim’s choice: Coupe

Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic Coupe Vs. Convertible

Many people turned their noses up at the thought of a small SUV Range Rover when the Evoque came out, well they must be apoplectic with rage when they see the Evoque Convertible go by. Creating its own niche, the Evoque Convertible is very unusual with its chunky SUV looks a folding roof. But it offers four full size seats and a great view out, plus you still get the stylish interior and front end, so is it all bad? For me, I just couldn’t. That’s not to say it isn’t for everyone – in fact the bulging order books prove it’s very popular, but I just couldn’t see myself driving one.

Tim’s choice: Coupe

Porsche 718 Cayman S Vs. 718 Boxster S

With the introduction of the 718 range with their flat-4 cylinder turbo engines, Porsche has turned the range on its head, with the Cayman costing less than the Boxster for the first time (which is how it always should have been really). Which would I pick? Well, I think the Cayman is a great looking car, especially around the rear end, but I’d want the Boxster in this case. There’s no real logic there, but I think it gives you far more than the Cayman for a modest extra outlay.

Tim’s choice: Convertible

BMW M4 Vs. M4 Convertible

Now this is a tricky one. The M4 is a super aggressive looking car in coupe form and is a seriously focused car on road and track. So chopping the roof off would ruin that surely? Well yes, maybe it blunts the handling a tiny amount, but this is the only convertible in this list that has a folding hard top roof, so you get all the benefits of a coupe plus the added benefit of being able to drop the roof when the weather is nice. Another bonus of the convertible is sound – the M4 sounds great from the outside, but inside it is somewhat lacking and BMW ‘enhance’ the sound via the car’s speakers which doesn’t sit well with me. But the convertible allows your ears uninterrupted access to the exhaust note, so that makes it a winner for me.

Tim’s choice: Convertible

Alfa Romeo 4C Vs. 4C Spider

I absolutely love the Alfa 4C, it absolutely turned the £50k sports car market on its head by going for super exotic lightweight carbon fibre construction, which meant a smaller, 1.75 litre turbo engine could be used. The result was a hardcore little coupe that had stunning Italian looks and exhilarating handling, made even more so by the introduction of the Spider model. Much like the McLaren 650S, the use of a carbon fibre tub for the construction of the car means that removing the roof panel does nothing to affect the rigidity, and handling is unaffected. So there are no downsides and plenty of upsides – roof-off motoring, you can hear that raspy exhaust note better and the looks are even more glamorous. Easy choice.

Tim’s choice: Convertible

Audi S3 Vs. S3 Convertible

This last one is a bit of a cheat really – the S3 is a hatchback not a coupe, but it still holds up against the convertible. The convertible S3 uses the S3 saloon’s body shape, so you get a longer boot lid and more graceful looks than the previous model with its stumpy rear end. They both share the same fantastic 2.0 litre turbo four cylinder engine, putting 300bhp to all four wheels, so performance is no issue, and the convertible even has four usable seats like the hatch, but for me the added practicality of the 3dr hatch/coupe means it’s the winner here. The S3 is a great hot hatch and the convertible does suffer from body flex when you push on, so I’ll take my S3 with a roof.

Tim’s choice: Coupe

Result? It's a draw! Now why not go and choose for yourself in our fantastic competition...