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18 Jan 2017

Team Green


BMW i8, Tesla Model X 75D, Mercedes S300h Hybrid, Porsche Cayenne S e-Hybrid, Tesla Model S 75D, Volvo XC90 T8 R-Design, BMW i3, Morgan EV3

Being green is very fashionable these days, especially when it comes to motoring and these days those with an environmental slant have never had it better. Think back ten years and if you wanted an eco-friendly car you were limited to the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid or Lexus RX400h SUV – none of which are particularly exciting or in any way appealing to the petrolhead in us all. But these days there is a huge range of hybrid and pure electric vehicles available that can excite just as much as their petrol equivalents and we have six of the best of them in our promotion this week. Fancy a pure bred sports car with Lamborghini-rivalling looks, but with low emissions? Take a BMW i8. Want ultimate luxury with minimal impact on the world? You’ll want the Mercedes S300h Hybrid then. A high performance SUV with the emissions of a small hatchback? That’ll be the Cayenne S e-Hybrid or XC90 T8 then. How about pure EV cars? Those which only use electricity? Well you’re spoilt for choice with the luxurious Tesla Model S or X, the ultimate funky city car with the BMW i3 or the all-out fun weekend toy with a difference – the Morgan EV3. For every requirement there’s a green option now, with virtually no downsides.

Win a BMW here, Win a Tesla here, Win a Mercedes here, Win a Porsche here, Win a Volvo here, Win a Morgan here

Team Mean


BMW M5, Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Mercedes-AMG C63-S Coupe, Jaguar F-Type V6S, Lexus RC-F, Mercedes-AMG A45, Porsche 718 Cayman, Ford Mustang GT

Of course, sometimes we don’t want green. We want mean, smelly, fast and polluting with more than a hint of nasty to them. And frankly nothing is more mean, smelly, fast, noisy or polluting than the Dodge Challenger Hellcat – all 700bhp of it. The noise will make people in the next town jump and it eats rear tyres like a student at an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can have your choice of sleek V8 powered coupes too, with the Lexus RC-F, Mercedes C63-S and Mustang GT to choose from, or if you want four doors there’s always the BMW M5. They all have 8 cylinders and make a frankly hilarious noise which we love. If a V6 is more your thing there’s the Jag F-Type and it’s screaming exhaust note and stunning looks, or slightly less mean but still not exactly green is the new turbo flat-four Porsche Cayman.

Win a BMW here, Win a Dodge here, Win a Mercedes here, Win a Jaguar here, Win a Lexus here, Win a Porsche here, Win a Ford here

Tim’s Choice

Hmmm, this really is a tricky one. I do love the sound and feeling that a V8 gives you, and a petrol powered sports car is a truly wonderful thing, but 2016 seems to be the year that Eco has really found its way into the performance car ethos. The Teslas are slick and punishingly quick, the hybrid SUVs give you the best of both worlds and then you have the i8 which gives you a proper bonafide supercar that is kinder to the environment than a base Cayman. So nobody is more surprised than me, but Team Green wins!