BOTB Asks: USA vs The World – who wins? {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

1 Feb 2017

It’s a tough choice this week, with six cars from the USA and six from around the world in our sale. After all, it seems like the whole world is against the USA at the moment! But sticking them all in together, which team wins?

Team RoW

Total BHP – 2460bhp

Total £££ - £386,530

Well it’s a fairly healthy set of numbers by Team RoW, with a total of almost 2500bhp, helped out by the powerhouses that are the RS6 and M6. From there the Maserati and Honda let the side down a little on the power front, but the Type-R makes up for it by being a very cheap ticket and a hoot to drive. Team RoW also has the excellent Volvo XC90 T8, which is probably the best all-round SUV on sale today, and who can ignore the ever-popular Jaguar F-Type V6S, recently treated to a facelift?

Team USA

Total BHP – 2822bhp

Total £££ - £363,885

It’s not surprise that Team USA trumps us (sorry…) in the power department – in fact they’re almost 400bhp clear but they do love a V8 over in the US and in fact the Tesla is the only one without a bent-eight! They do have all the bases covered too – cheap RWD 400-ish bhp fun coupe? Mustang, Corvette or Camaro, depending on which you prefer. Super-fast SUV? Go for snarling V8 in the Jeep or eco-friendly in the Tesla. Oh and then there’s the craziest, most insane muscle car of them all – the Challenger Hellcat.


You know, as much as I’m patriotic and want to say that Team RoW win this, Team USA has to be victorious in this case. The sheer numbers, power, cheapness of tickets and combined potential noise from 5 V8’s means they have to win. And I think America could do with some good news right now, so congrats Team USA!