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1 Jan 2016

2015 was a pretty amazing year for new cars being released, but it looks like 2015 could very well be even better. So what are the cars to look forward to next year? We take a look and see what piques our interest…


The Aston Martin DB9 is a stunningly beautiful car, but has been the same basic shape since its introduction in 2001 so is in dire need of replacing. Luckily the new DB11 will be along in 2016 and will bear the fruits of the new tie-up with Mercedes to really push it into the modern era. Engines will be Mercedes’ twin turbo V8 and V12 units, while the tech will all be available too so you can have a DB11 that even parks itself. Expect the looks to keep the svelte style of the DB9 but brought up to date with many styling cues from the DB10 seen in the Bond film Spectre (pictured above).

Audi RS4 Avant

The RS4 Avant was one of the most popular cars for BOTB in the last few years, so it was will great sadness that we had to remove it earlier this year when it went out of production. But 2016 sees the release of the new model, so there’s plenty to be happy about. We’re somewhat disappointed that the epic 4.2 litre V8 has gone for the new model, to be replaced by a twin turbo V6, but we‘re assured it’ll still have almost 450bhp and a ‘Rallying-inspired soundtrack’. The render by X-Tomi Design above gives an idea of how it may look, which is just fine with us.

Audi R8 Spyder

The new Audi R8 has won fans world over, and within BOTB since we gave one away in August. The powerful V10 engine makes it a cheaper Lamborghini Huracan and the looks have evolved nicely since the original model. So we’re also eagerly looking forward to 2016 to see the new Spyder version. It has always been the more glamorous brother of the coupe, with better access to the incredible noise created by that V10 engine. Another render above (this time by Theophiluschin.com) gives a hint of how it may look, but this one is a pretty safe bet.

Bentley Supercar

When Bentley showed their stunning EXP10 Speed6 concept at the Geneva Motor Show in February, most speculated that it would eventually turn into a cheaper Porsche 911 rival from Bentley, and indeed that was allegedly the case. Since then there has been some interior wrangling at Bentley and the Speed6 has morphed into a £300,000 supercar that should be released in summer 2016. Expect it to be smaller and lighter than the Continental GT, but with a mighty 600bhp V8 twin turbo engine making it far more thrilling to drive. Hopefully the looks will stay as close to the EXP10 concept as possible.

Honda NSX

It seems as though we’ve been hearing about the new Honda NSX since when the Millennium Bug was still a threat. It has had one of the most protracted developments of any car we know, changing completely at least three times. But 2016 finally sees it arrive in the UK and it certainly shows promise – there’s a 500bhp twin turbo 3.5 litre V6 combined with three electric motors in a very complex arrangement that ends up with a combined output of 576bhp. This means the NSX is a mid engined, four wheel drive hybrid supercar in the mold of the Porsche 918 Spyder, but at a much more affordable price point. We just hope it lives up to the hype.

Lexus LF-LC

Lexus has been missing a sleek coupe ever since the LFA supercar went out of production, so we’re eager to see the new LF-LC when it arrives in 2016. Set to be a rival for the BMW 6-Series, there will be the typical Lexus hybrid variants, but also a fire breathing twin turbo V8 ‘F’ model to rival the M6. We’re still not fans of the latest Lexus grille, but if it manages to look like the LF-LC concept we’ll be happy.

Mercedes AMG GT-3

We love the AMG GT, and it seems so do our players with it regularly topping the lists of most played cars, not to mention the fact that a couple have actually been won. But it seems every supercar or sports car needs a track-focused version these days, so the AMG GT-3 is on its way in 2016. With rumours of 550bhp, 100kg weight loss and some serious aero tech expect the hardcore GT to look incredible, be seriously quick and sound like nothing else on this planet. We love the render seen above by Autocar.co.uk so hope it looks like that!

Pagani Huayra Roadster

Not really one for our competition given the seven-figure price tag, but certainly a car that every petrolhead will lust after – the Pagani Huayra has been out for 3 years now and is due some interest. That will take the form of the Roadster version in 2016 – using the same 720bhp twin turbo V12 engine and sharing most of the coupe’s styling, it should be one of the most glamorous and exciting cars of next year. That is, until the hardcore Huayra R arrives…

Render by X-Tomi Design

Porsche 718 Boxster & Cayman

The Porsche trend for downsizing their engines and adding turbos continues with the Boxster and Cayman taking the lead from their 911 big brother. So out goes the straight six engine and in comes a new turbocharged 2.0 or 2.4 litre flat-four engine producing between 295 and 360bhp in different models. Expect evolved styling rather than anything radically new, and there’s also a name change adding ‘718’ to the front of the names. We can’t wait to see if these smaller four cylinder engines can still offer the thrills and sounds buyers expect from the Boxster and Cayman models…


Bit of a cheat this one, as the car won’t be on the roads until 2017 but we’re expecting to see a running concept at least of the all-new TVR model in late 2016 and that is very exciting. Styled by McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray and being manufactured using his revolutionary iStream production system, the engine will be a Ford V8 tuned and developed by Cosworth, so we’re expecting very good things from the new TVR model. Especially if it looks like the teaser image they released last week.