BOTB’s Top 3 Oddest Coupes ever {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

9 May 2016

1- 1975 Lincoln Continental Coupe

Coupes are generally supposed to be sleek, good looking and dynamically adept. But in the U.S. they have always persisted with making coupe versions of their enormous saloon (sedan) cars. The biggest of these, and clocking in as the biggest production coupe ever is the 1975 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe, a 2-door behemoth measuring 233 inches long – that’s 19ft 5, or 5.9 meters – all for a car with just two doors. To give this some perspective, the very latest Mercedes-Maybach limousine is only 5.4 metres long. Of course a gargantuan coupe needed a gargantuan engine and this Lincoln didn’t disappoint, using a 7.5 litre V8 producing 365bhp. And the less said about the house brick styling the better, but what really astounds is that there actually wasn’t a lot of space inside!

2- Subaru SVX

During the early 1990s Subaru got a big chunk of investment and decided to try and take their brand upmarket, so they developed a luxury coupe to take on the likes of the Toyota Supra and Porsche 968. One thing Subaru got dead right was the styling – though they can’t be thanked for that as it was done by legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro – the SVX had a huge glasshouse, with much larger windows that normal, though these necessitated a smaller window that could actually wind down which buyers never really liked the look or use of. There was a blacked out flat boot too, which was good for aerodynamics. The nose was always a winning feature too, thanks to it being so low and sleek, which was made possible by the use of the unusual 226bhp 3.3 litre flat-six boxer engine. The SVX also boasted four wheel drive and four wheel steering, so was very technologically advanced for its time. Sadly all these innovations meant it was priced only just below the Porsche 968 so you would’ve been crazy to go for a Subaru instead of the German option. Even at this price Subaru lost around $3000 on every car.

3- Citroen SM

This choice may well be an oddity, but it’s certainly one of the coolest cars ever – the Citroen SM must have looked like a space ship when it was launched in 1970. The styling was so outrageous and stunning that many didn’t believe it was a Citroen at first – the long low nose had the headlights and number plate behind a Perspex faring that made it look like something from The Jetsons, while the rear wheels were fared in too adding to the crazy looks. There was also an angular kink to the waistline that kicked up over the rear arches and a peculiar rear tailgate. The SM also used hydropneumatic suspension, so when not in motion it sat very low to the floor which added to the out of this world look. Citroen could have sold the SM with any old engine up front and it would’ve sold purely on the looks, but that wasn’t their style in the 70s – the SM was done at the time that Citroen had a technological partnership with Maserati, so the SM received the Italian company’s 2.7 litre (later 3.0 litre) V6 engine for an extra injection of exotica.