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18 Jan 2017

It’s Hallowe’en this week, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to choose our top 5 scariest cars. Now this is a tricky one to quantify – a car can be scary in the way it looks, what it does or in the way that it drives, so let’s just get on with it and see what we come up with…


5 – G-Whizz


There are many things that are scary about the G-Wiz. Let’s start with the looks – if there’s a more awkwardly proportioned car on the roads we’ve yet to see it. The tall, thin bodywork, the short bonnet, tiny wheels, it all just makes it look like a toy. Then there’s the performance – the G-Wiz is an EV (which we have no issue with), but it has a range of just 50 miles (30 in the real world) and can top out at 50mph. Then there’s the fact that it has drum brakes all round so can’t stop at all well and oh yes, the small fact that it doesn’t pass any current crash regulations so is a complete liability were you to crash it due to the poor brakes. Scary indeed.

4 – Porsche 911 GT2

Porsche 911 GT2

Ah yes, the 996-Generation 911 GT2 – aka the Widowmaker. The Porsche 911 (996) Turbo was a wonderful car to drive all year round. It had four wheel drive and a torquey 415bhp turbo flat six ensured great performance was available all the time. But some thought it was a little too tame, too sanitised, so Porsche decided to go a bit crazy and create the GT2. Using parts from the GT Motorsports programme, they kept the turbo engine and tuned it to 476bhp, then removed the front driveshafts making it RWD and removed weight elsewhere. More power, less weight, RWD – you can imagine why it got the nickname now – the GT2 wasn’t the best set up car out there from the factory and would oversteer (and by that we mean violent snap oversteer) at any speed, any conditions and a huge number of GT2’s were crashed early on. Of course with some geometry changes they soon became much better, but the legend still lives on.

3 – Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 SV in Nero…

LP670 SV

This is about the scariest cars in the world  - so the LP670 SV just had to be on the list, especially in black. Just look at it. There aren’t many other cars that look so incredibly menacing and scary even when they’re just sitting stationary in a car park, but if you saw one parked up on a dark night you’d run, just in case it wanted to eat you. The low splitter, the wide body, the massive spoiler, the angular bodywork, it just looks like it wants the world to burn. Unfortunately it doesn’t take the top place because despite the 661bhp V12 engine it was actually quite safe and not at all scary to drive.

2 – 1958 Plymouth Fury - Christine


If you’ve watched the 1986 psychological thriller Christine by John Carpenter, based on the best-selling Stephen King book, you know exactly why the 1958 Plymouth Fury is in this list. The star of the film - a red Fury which was possessed by an evil spirit - goes on a killing spree and refuses to be killed, reforming and fixing itself. It was clever to use such a glamorous and stylish car for Christine, as it would’ve been very easy to use a more traditionally ‘evil’ looking car in black, but such was the strength of King’s writing and Carpenter’s filmmaking that the bright red 50’s coupe was just about the scariest thing on four wheels the 1980’s had seen.

1 – TVR Cerbera Speed 12


To reach the top spot in this list a car had to be scary to look at and to drive, so really there was only one car for it – the TVR Cerbera Speed 12. To start with it looked like a race car had made a baby with Satan – massively wide body, slashes and vents all over, a massive splitter, a comically huge rear wing, side exit exhausts, little beady headlight eyes, everything about it looked scary. If you’ve ever played the car in Gran Turismo you know how scary it is to drive too, mainly thanks to the 900bhp+ 7.7 litre V12, 1000kg weight and RWD. It never actually made production – when tested on the road by TVRs owner Peter Wheeler, he concluded that it was just too fast and too uncontrollable for the road so it was resigned to just be a race car. But there are at least three Speed 12’s on the road now, though it’s not confirmed whether they’re running the full 900+bhp from the engines. Overall the Speed 12 ticks all the scary boxes for us, did we also mention the noise? Imagine a thunderstorm played through the world’s largest speakers attached directly to your ears and you’re about halfway there….