British Sports Car TVR set to return in 2017 {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

11 Jun 2015

Nine years ago a dark cloud descended over the British Sports Car landscape – TVR ceased making cars. For years they were the most exciting, crazy and stunning cars on sale and it was with great sadness that they closed up shop in 2006. For most of those years we got lots of false hope in press releases and rumours flying around the internet, but now we have some news straight from the horse’s mouth and it’s not just good – it’s fantastic.

A couple of years ago TVR was purchased from the Russian owner by an entrepreneur called Les Edgar and a collection of wealthy petrolhead backers and there was a ‘we’re back’ message then… nothing. But now Edgar has announced that there will be a new TVR launched in 2017, with four models planned over the following 10 years, with prices ‘taking up where the old range left off’ – which means c.£60,000 upwards.

Now ordinarily we’d take this news as just another bit of filler, but it comes with another announcement of the two new working partners who are about as heavyweight as they come. The car will be mechanically designed by none other than Gordon Murray – responsible for the iconic McLaren F1 – and his team at Gordon Murray Design. Murray is one of the best and most respected car designers in the world, but GMD also brings with it a revolutionary new manufacturing and production method called iStream which aims to greatly simplify the process, thus saving money and time.

The cars will stick to the traditional TVR layout of front engine, long bonnet, rear wheel drive and manual gearbox. There will of course be nods to more modern requirements with traction control and all-independent suspension. The styling of the cars has been done by an unnamed British design consultancy who will be revealed in due course, but expect them to have a similar look at feel to the outgoing cars.

Of course a TVR isn’t a TVR without a big powerplant and it won’t let us down here either, with a big capacity V8 engine developed by legendary motorsport company Cosworth. It’s highly unlikely that a completely new powerplant will be developed (and TVR has a bad history on that front) so we would place our bets on the new engine being a bespoke developed version of the Ford 5.0 litre V8 seen in the new Mustang – known as the ‘Coyote’ V8 – with around 450-500bhp. If they keep to the predicted 1100kg maximum wet weight the performance should be electric.

One detail known is that it will have side exit exhausts, so be sure that the new TVR will sound just as exciting as those of old and more than capable of holding its own against cars like the AMG GT.

We’ll keep updating whenever we get more news, but we would expect to see the new TVR sometime in 2016.