Capristo launch a new 458 Spider engine cover {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

15 Mar 2013

Capristo has today launched their new engine cover for the Ferrari 458 Spider. Normally a maker of loud and exquisitely made exhausts for supercars, Capristo has seen a gap in the market and exploited it.

Made completely from carbon fibre, the engine cover features a glass window which exposes the gorgeous V8 engine to the world. This was a big criticism of the 458 Spider when it was launched as you get to see the V8 in the coupe, but it was covered up on the Spider. This was highlighted more when McLaren launched the 12C Spider with a very similar design to this Capristo engine cover.

The engine cover features a carbon fibre brace with the Ferrari logo across it that also acts as the latching point. There are lovely curves and vents all over, just like the standard Ferrari unit, but now with the added benefit of the glass window. It may seem to cost a lot at €9800, but when you consider that a 458 Spider is specced with an average of around £25,000 of options this seems like pretty good value and would certainly be on our purchase list if we were lucky enough to be buying one.