Detroit Motor Show 2014: Porsche 911 Targa {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

12 May 2014

Porsche has chosen the Detroit Motor Show to launch the latest in the long line of new 911 variants – the Targa, but this one is sure to be a controversial yet highly popular one. The 911 has had a Targa variant since the 1960’s, but with the 993 model of 1996 the style changed from the previous removable panel to a less popular large sunroof that slid back under the rear screen. This continued through the 996 and 997 model ranges, but with the current 991 range Porsche has gone back to the roots of the Targa and returned to the style with a rollover hoop, fixed rear window and removable targa top – with a twist.

Visually for the most part the 991 Targa looks just like a 991 Cabriolet, until you get to the roof. There you see a thick silver rollover hoop with the classic Targa script and a large glass rear screen that extends right down to the waistline of the car, giving a great view over the shoulders. There is a fabric section over the driver’s head, which in days of old was manually removed. But this is Porsche of 2014 – so you simply press a button and the theatre begins. The glass screen and part of the bodywork open up and back, then the fabric roof section pops up and disappears above the engine and the bodywork closes up again – seriously impressive to watch, even if it may be overkill somewhat.

The 991 Targa is only available in the 4wd Targa 4 and Targa 4S models, this is due to Porsche pitching the Targa as the ‘all-weather’ variant of the 911 and we suspect, something to do with the wider rear bodywork and the new rear mechanism. This means there is the 345 bhp 3.4 litre flat six in the Targa 4 and the 395 bhp 3.8 litre unit in the Targa 4S, with the optional £9000 Powerkit available to boost power to 425 bhp. A seven speed manual gearbox is standard with the seven speed dual clutch PDK gearbox as an option.

The Targa 4 goes on sale in May priced from £86,281 and the Targa 4S from £96,316.