Detroit Motor Show 2014: Subaru WRX STi {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

7 Jun 2014

Subaru fans in the UK can breathe easy once again, as Subaru revealed a new WRX STi saloon at the Detroit Motor Show and they even confirmed that it will be coming to the UK this summer, costing £28,995.

Externally it’s definitely still an Impreza STi if not in name but appearance, but it certainly isn’t going to win any beauty competitions. The front end is low and aggressive (thanks to pedestrian impact regulations) with a large grille flanked by driving and spotlights sitting in fake inlets. On the heavily sculpted bonnet there is the staple air intake. The front wings are sharply creased and flare out down to the side sills, but there seems to be far too much metal between the top of the rear wheelarch and the window line, creating a very back-end-heavy look.

At the back there is a stubby bootlid atop which sits an enormous spoiler which fits in with the character of the STi, while there is a diffuser with quad exhausts below the bumper. We’re not sure a car with four cylinders, even a high power turbocharged one is worthy of quad exhausts either, but that’s down to personal taste. Inside there has been a lot of work done on the quality to bring it closer to the German rivals, with soft touch materials and a more ergonomic layout, but looking at the pictures it looks pretty similar to Imprezas gone by, so we’ll have to reserve judgement until we get to drive one.

Of course the styling and interior have always played second fiddle to the driving experience of the STi as it should be really – this was a car designed to win rally stages after all. The new STi retains the old model’s 2.5 litre turbo flat four producing 305 bhp which given that Subaru claim the new car weighs the same as the old one means 0 – 62 mph comes up in around 5 seconds on the way to a 160 mph top speed.

Subaru announced that there will be 1000 launch models sold in the US, which is the only time you’ll be able to order Subaru Rally Blue with gold alloy wheels and with the large rear spoiler – we expect they’ll do the same in the UK as this is where there is a huge following for the cars.