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15 Jan 2018

Mercedes-AMG CLS53

Okay, so there are plenty of stats and tech here, but I have to start of by saying WOW. Just how good does this new CLS look? I’ll admit I wasn’t blown away by the second generation CLS (loved the first) but this absolutely knocks it out of the park. In this spec, jet black it looks absolutely fantastic. Anyway, back to the car… Some may be confused about the ’53’ name but this is a new model line to sit between the ’43 and ’63 models (well, obviously) and is what is known as a mild hybrid. We all know the ’63 models use the incredible twin turbo V8 engine and the newer ’43 models use the twin turbo V6 engine, well this new ’53 uses a 3.0 litre straight-six engine with two turbochargers. This is where it gets interesting though – one is a traditional turbo for the power higher up the revs, the other is a new electric compressor, hence the ‘mild hybrid’ tag.

A 48V electrical system helps to power this new setup, which has a larger alternator and also features an ‘EQ Boost’ which delivers an extra 21bhp on top of the 429bhp that the petrol engine delivers. There’s also a combined 770Nm of torque which is more than that of the old ’63 unit. What this new system means is that the electric compressor can provide instant power and torque while the traditional turbo is spooling up, so you get seamless power delivery from the off. The power goes to all four wheels via a 9-speed automatic gearbox.

While this new CLS53 model is very interesting, it sadly means the end for the V8 powered CLS63 model in this new range – there won’t be a new one. The high performance four-door coupe slot will instead be filled by an all-new AMG GT four-door variant which will take the 600bhp V8 engine and even supplement it with a hybrid powertrain for a monster 800bhp range-topper. So not all bad. The new ’53 drivetrain is also available in the new E-Class Coupe and Convertible.

Mercedes G-Class

Before you think it – no I haven’t use the wrong images. Believe it or not, this is the completely new Mercedes G-Class – okay there are 5 parts carried over like the door handles and rear wheel cover. But essentially this is a case of ‘The King is dead, long live the King!’. The G-Class has been a huge hit for Mercedes and has stayed virtually unchanged since the 70’s, hence why this new model is only being referred to as the second generation. But whereas the styling may be the same, everything else is completely different and more importantly, better.

To start with the G-Class has grown – interior space was always very tight for such a big vehicle and the new model sits at 53mm longer, but more importantly 121mm wider meaning the cabin is a much nicer, airier place to be. Speaking of which, the interior is massively upgraded with a look borrowed from the E- and S-Class featuring a large central infotainment screen, every bit of new tech you could imagine and a proper driving position that doesn’t feel like you’re piloting a tractor.

The fact that they haven’t changed the styling is absolutely brilliant to me, they know that their customers love the utilitarian look with the useful rubbing strips down the side, the boxy dimensions meaning you can see all the extremities of the car easily and it will apparently still have the same ‘THUD’ that was a trademark of the doors. Underneath there is new independent suspension which gives better off-road articulation and every aspect of the ground clearance is better too.

At launch there is just a G350d for the UK at around £85,000 (others get the G500 too) but shortly (maybe Geneva) we’ll see the launch of the new G63 AMG which will come with the E63S’s 603bhp twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 and cost around £140,000. Yes please!