Dodge reveals the Challenger SRT Hellcat {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

13 Oct 2014

When Ford released the Shelby Mustang GT500 a couple of years ago, no one could believe that a large car manufacturer could release a fully warrantied 660bhp coupe for $55k. But they did and it was a huge success. But the GT500 will only be around for another few months as the new Mustang is ushered in and there’s unlikely to be another version as insane as the current GT500.

So where do you go for your crazy muscle car now? Dodge wants you think you’ll head there way with the new Challenger SRT Hellcat. Hellcat – that’s a great name isn’t it? Tells you absolutely everything you need to know about the car in one word. Based on the recently facelifted Challenger, the Hellcat is the product of the SRT group, which is somewhat like ///M, Quattro (RS) or AMG and aims to bring serious performance to the Challenger.

So first up, has to be the engine – powering the Hellcat is a 6.2 litre supercharged V8 producing ‘over 600 bhp’ according to Dodge. Rumours suggest the figure is actually 625 bhp, which is undoubtedly enough to shred a few rear tyres.  The full specs and performance numbers are set to be released soon, and we’ll update them when we get them. Drive is sent to the rear wheels via the standard six-speed manual gearbox or optional eight-speed automatic.

Onto the rest of the car, the Hellcat receives a few upgrades over the standard SRT, including 20-inch lightweight alloy wheels, a large front splitter and rear spoiler, power bulge bonnet with air intake and LED rear lights. The Hellcat also gets one more very cool feature – a ram-air inlet port in the driver’s side inner headlight.

We can’t wait to see what the performance will be – we’re expecting sub-5 seconds to 62 mph and a top speed close to 190 mph. Pricing will also be announced soon.

Look out for updates!