Frankfurt Motor Show 2013: Jaguar CX-17 Concept {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

10 Mar 2014

Jaguar has debuted their most important model in the company’s modern history at the Frankfurt Motor Show today – the CX-17 Concept. As with previous CX- concepts; like the CX-16 which was a thinly veiled F-Type, the CX-17 shows a pretty much production ready body of a new medium sized SUV with a few concept car details.

Making an SUV will surely upset lots of hardcore Jaguar fans, who think Jag should only ever make saloons and sports cars and were outraged at the XF Sportbrake, but frankly they haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. The modern automotive business is about one thing – money – and the way to get that is to exploit the biggest growing sector, the SUV and sell in the Far East – the largest emerging market. Just like the Cayenne revitalised Porsche’s finances, the production version of the CX-17 (likely named the Q-Type or XQ) could massively boost Jaguar’s profits.

Up front there is a bold nose, with XF style headlights and a large grille like that on the XJ, atop an imposing front bumper with large intakes featuring concept car style LED outer rims. There are powerfully accentuated front wings that flow down the body then rise up over the rear wheels giving an aggressive, sporty yet sleek profile. The rear is very similar to the XF Sportbrake which is no bad thing – we think it’s one of the best looking cars on sale!

Under the gorgeous bodywork sits a new platform that will underpin a new range of Jaguars from the SUV to a small 3-Series rival, the new XK and the new XF, plus a few more. We would expect the SUV to come with a range of 4- and 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines and be permanently four wheel drive. A hybrid model taking tech from partners Land Rover could also be on the cards.

Sadly, the new 3-Series rival is Jaguar’s main priority right now, so we wouldn’t expect to see the new SUV appear until 2015 at the earliest.