Geneva Motor Show 2015: Porsche Cayman GT4 {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

29 Apr 2015

Prepare yourselves – this could very well be the best sportscar to come out in 2015, 2016 or even 2017. Porsche has finally released the potential in its small coupe by giving us a mini-GT3 – the Cayman GT4. To understand the importance of this car let’s look at the three main criticisms from driving purists about the 911 GT3.

1) It can only be had with a PDK dual clutch automatic gearbox

2) The inherent rear engined balance doesn’t work as well as it could

3) The gargantuan cost

So Porsche has created the Cayman GT4 which answers all of those points.

Let’s get technical first. This is barely related to the Cayman S or GTS in relative terms – the engine is the 3.8 litre flat-six unit from the 911 Carrera S detuned a little to 380 bhp (up 45 bhp on the Carrera GTS) and 310 lb/ft of torque. Power is of course sent to the rear wheels, but the fantastic part is that it goes via a six-speed manual gearbox – the purists choice. Kerb weight is around 1340 kg which is the same as the GTS, but obviously there’s a lot more power now so 0 – 62 mph takes 4.4 seconds on the way to a 183 mph top speed.

But if that was the biggest change, there are plenty of others under the skin that should take equal billing, taken from the GT3. Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuninger says, “as many GT parts as possible” are added into it. The front axle and suspension are taken from the 911 GT3 and the rear axle and forged aluminium double wishbone suspension are completely new. Dampers, alloy wheels and carbon ceramic brakes are all also taken from the 911 GT3. The electric steering system from the 911 GT3 does make it onto the Cayman GT4 but is given new software to suit the new drivetrain layout and balance. The GT4 is set to become the best handling car of the year, with all that power, balance and the manual gearbox to work with as you’re enjoying every rev.

If the mechanical changes are impressive, they are almost eclipsed by the styling changes which turn the Cayman from a good looking coupe, into a race-track ready aggressive mini-GT racer. The front bumper gets a large central intake flanked by squared-off side vents featuring smaller LED DRLs, while there’s a large splitter jutting out below. At the side the normal rear wing vents have a new cowled addition featuring the GT4 logo, while there are the aforementioned GT3 alloys which are, in our opinion, the best looking wheels on any car on sale today. The rear gets a lot of work too, with a large functional diffuser housing the twin central exhaust pipes and there’s a small ducktail spoiler between the lights. But the party piece has to be the huge wing on struts sitting above the bootlid. All this adds up to an aero package that produces the same amount of downforce as the GT3 – 100 kg at speed.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is available to order now (if you can get one) and costs £64,451.