Geneva Motor Show 2016: Bugatti Chiron {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

1 Mar 2016

None of us here at BOTB have ever driven a Veyron, but in the many many videos we’ve watched on YouTube we’ve never, ever heard someone say “Hmmm, this feels a bit slow, any chance of some more power?” But Bugatti ended Veyron production last year and started work on its replacement, with two choices – keep power the same and make it a lot lighter, or up the power. Say hello to the 1479bhp Bugatti Chiron.

Yes, you read that correctly – almost 1500bhp. Oh, and let’s not forget the other truly absurd number – 1179lb/ft of torque. That’s over double the amount of twist a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta puts out. These silly numbers are created by a heavily reworked version of the Veyron’s 8.0 litre quad-turbo W16 engine which sends it to a multi clutch four wheel drive system via a tweaked seven speed dual clutch gearbox.

Given that the Chiron weighs ‘just’ 1995kg, these numbers equate to a power to weight figure of 741bhp/tonne. This means it boasts a set of numbers even crazier than the ones before – 0-62mph takes just 2.48 seconds, 0-124mph is done in a hilarious 6.5 seconds and 0-186mph takes 13.6 seconds. Just to put that into perspective, this means the Chiron hits 124mph quicker than a VW Golf GTi gets to 62mph. In Handling Mode the Chiron tops out at 238mph, but in Top Speed Mode, using a ‘Speed Key’ the car can reach 261mph.

Design-wise the Chiron is a clear development of the Veyron, but is brought thoroughly up to date. At the front the familiar horseshoe grille sits proudly forward, flanked by massive intakes to feed some of the 10 radiators the 60,000 litres of air it requires every minute. There are a set of exquisite quad-LED headlights with inboard intakes that feed air to the brakes while the familiar ridge runs front to back but now continues over the roof and down to the rear end.

At the sides we see one of the most distinctive design features – out go the old roof mounted intakes to be replaced by side mounted ones which are hidden within a huge bold curve. It’s certainly a statement, and we’re happy to see that it can be had in stain black as well as the chrome of the show cars. The powerful rear haunches lead into arguably the most standout design feature – the almost totally open rear end. A central straight LED strip darts across the rear and houses all the lights, while below sits a massive diffuser and quad exhausts mounted centrally. Having heard the exhaust note, it’s much angrier and sportier than the Veyron, which sounded a lot like a powerboat. The curve is repeated inside, with an LED strip bisecting the passenger compartment. The interior design is sheer luxury as with the Veyron, with acres of leather adorning every surface that isn’t exposed satin carbon fibre.

Bugatti claims that the Chiron is also going to be much more usable than the Veyron too, which is no small feat as the Veyron was actually a very easy and comfortable car to drive, making them easy to use daily if you so desired. The one thing putting you off that would be the £2,000,000+ price tag and exorbitant running costs, but as they’re only making 500 and the super wealthy will be buying, that shouldn’t be of any concern for the rest of us mere mortals.