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23 Oct 2017

Everyone loves a good movie, and of course here at BOTB it has to be a good car movie to get us going too – thankfully there are loads out there! This week’s In the Headlights selections have been made by our very own Dom and Bryan – Tim and Christian (yeah right, Tim wishes). Here they tell us why they have chosen the four cars you can win for one week only…

Mercedes AMG GT R

Christian: I remember the first time I went in a Mercedes AMG GT-S, it was actually Paul Wallace from Supercars of London who took me out in his. The sound, the power, and the build of such a Mercedes was a fantastic experience. But then, it all changed. Add more power, wider body, a fixed rear wing, and a wicked matte green paint job and you’ve got something that should be locked up with a huge sign saying “Warning, WILL bite.”

Mercedes has packed the most amount of motorsport tech they ever have in a production road car that some people would say it shouldn’t even be allowed on the road, but if you have £143,000 laying around then it’s yours to drive where ever you like. It uses the same 4.0-Litre twin-turbo V8 from the GT-S but gets a few new bits to push that power to 577bhp which through a lighter stiffer propshaft will get you through a set of tyres faster than you can refresh the BOTB winners page on a Tuesday. 

The GT R is the first ever AMG to sport active rear-axle steering which will work against the direction of the front wheels at low speeds and with them at higher to help this beast consume any corner you can throw at it. The interior you may think would be a stripped-out cockpit with nothing but a racing harness, but you’d be wrong. There’s more Alcantara than you can shake a stick at with such luxury that would make you feel quite at home if you also happen to have a butler. The butler however may not know how to use a new yellow dial found in the middle of the dash… This would be the multi stage traction control, which activates when you’ve grown big enough balls to turn off the stability control. It goes from ‘I’ll make you look good’ to ‘I’m in a hedge’ mode.

You can hook your mobile phone up to a few different USB slots around the car as well as using all the functions found on many of the new Mercedes models. You can spec it with a fantastic Burmeister surround sound system, which would make even a Justin Bieber song sound decent. Even though it takes a fair amount of blowing by the twin chargers bolted onto the V8, there is only the slightest bit of turbo lag at the bottom end and when you do get going the gear shifts are as savage as it’s looks. If you love a good pop and bang from an exhaust then you really won’t be disappointed as you’ll be setting off your neighbours car alarms when you leave for work in the morning, it’s LOUD. 

The fact this car was developed at the Nurburgring you’d hope it would handle as well as it looks, well you’d be right. It’s steering is direct, with only as much oversteer as you want, along with the ride being harder than the GT S it’s still forgiving enough to live with every day. Take it to a track however and you’ll soon realise that this monster wants to come out and play. It will urge you on and push you to your limits, which unless you’re Hamilton, will be only a fraction of what this car can achieve. It’s got a £30k premium over its GT S brother but this second child is the wild one that’s going to parties till 6am, never cleaning his room and has never once joined his parents at church on a Sunday. 

It’s a £143,000 animal, which can and WILL bite you if handled wrong, which is why I love it, it makes you feel alive and rewards you when driven hard. If you do end up winning this car you’ll be taking delivery of something very special indeed. Oh and yeah, it was in Transformers with a bad paint job. (Get it in green).

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Tim: Do you live your life a quarter mile at a time? If so, this Japanese icon probably isn’t for you as it’s actually not that quick when standard, but that was just an easy lead-in to talk about the epic Fast and Furious franchise. Now up to number 8, it seems like it will be steamrollering its way to 10 movies before it’s done, but we love it anyway. And right from the start F&F has always had at its heart the Japanese sports car vs US Muscle car battle between Bryan and Dom.

Bryan’s choice of wheels (played by the late Paul Walker) has varied but one car has always popped up in one form or another – the legendary Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R – Godzilla. Known for its incredible tuning potential, most are surprised to read that it only came with 276bhp as standard thanks to a Japanese ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ in the 1990’s but the 2.6 litre twin turbo straight six in these is so well built they can run 500bhp easily with some fettling. Add in the four-wheel drive system so you can get grip in any weather and you have a seriously rapid coupe legend.

It's one of those funny cars that it more than the sum of its parts – a fairly heavy car, with an AWD system and not huge power shouldn’t be that exciting to drive, but thanks to the torque you never notice the lack of power. The AWD system is one of the cleverest ever used on a car (and the new GT-R uses a refined version of the same system) and can split power between all four wheels in different amounts when it detects slip. The noise from the RB26DETT engine is just incredible and all that is just from a standard car. As I said before, 500bhp is easily available, reliable and fairly cheap too and then you have a bonafide supercar destroyer.

LandRover Spectre Edition

Christian: There aren’t many vehicles where you open the driver’s door and the seat is around chest height. Climbing into it takes about as long as trying to decide where to place your first ever BOTB ticket.

To create such an eye catching 4x4, Land Rover handed over 10 Defender Double-Cab Pick-Ups to it’s Special Vehicle Operations team. The same people that created the Jag Project 7 and the RR SVR. If you’re a bond fan you’ll remember that 007 and Moneypenny drove a standard Defender in Skyfall, so for the latest film they needed to spice things up a bit. I feel on paper they were going for a Tandoori, but they ended up creating a Vindaloo. Let’s start from the ground up… 37-Inch wheels fixed to HUGE travel springs and dampers, so huge that SVO had to fit a shock absorber to the steering rack so it didn’t pull it’s self apart. Add to this huge oversized wheel arches and uprated turbos for the 2.2lt Diesel and you’ve got something that will near enough go anywhere.

Unless you’re from Texas this is a massive vehicle, yet to drive, it seems quite normal. Some people have even said this is the best driving defender to date! Because of those dampeners, and the huge pillows for tires, it’s actually quite comfortable! Talking of the tires, I’ve never seen some that also look like they could double as paddles if you find yourself bogged down. Behind the front seats you’ll find a gas canister, which you may think is out of a fast and furious film but it’s actually to inflate the tires If you had to let out some air earlier for more grip.

There is one thing this defender can’t do though, and that’s stop. It’s just a good job it has the aerodynamics of a small city, which helps in bringing this giant to a halt. If it does all go wrong though, the winch at the front comes in handy. The winch isn’t the only bolt on. You’ll notice the lamps, which I can only describe as producing enough candlepower for you to think the end of the world is coming. If you do find yourself rolling down the side of a cliff, the external roll cage will help you out, as well as somewhere to tie your tent to for your annual camping trip.

If you want to go anywhere, in style, this is the vehicle for you. If you do end up winning one… we’ll find you, wherever you may hide… *strokes white cat*

Harley Davidson Fatboy 114

Tim: “I want your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle.” – the legendary words spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2 are stuck in the mind of anyone born in the 80's/90's when they think of a Harley Davidson. This particular bike is in an incredible chase with him on the Harley Fat Boy and the bad guy in a semi-truck cab. It’s incredibly cool, one of the best chases in a film ever and was made all the better for the addition of gratuitous use of the Harley’s burbling soundtrack.

This latest FatBoy uses a new 114ci engine (that’s almost 1.9 litres to you and I) with loads of torque and of course that trademark burble, but for 2018 it has lost a fair bit of weight (around 16kg) and has taken some of the newer tech and features from the sportier bikes in the range so it handles far better than before. It’s still no Fireblade, but it’s certainly no longer just a cruiser. So you could win this FatBoy, but I’d suggest you go to a motorbike shop to buy your leathers and boots – unless you’re the size of former Governor Schwarzenegger it might not end well if you walk into a biker bar and demand the removal of someone’s clothes…


Don’t forget you can get these exciting cars for one week only – so hurry up and get your tickets here!


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