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1 Aug 2018

We can all dream of having an amazing four car garage, with a family SUV, a little city car, a track car and a supercar all sitting there to be used at different times, whenever the mood takes you. But the reality is that most people can’t afford four cars, nor can they afford to insure them, fuel them, service them or indeed have anywhere to park them! So this is where the four cars we have In the Headlights come in – they all have Pace AND Space, the all-rounders, the one-cap-fits-all multitasking heroes, the… yep you get the point.

Now that we’ve lost the Audi RS6 (until the new one comes out) we’ve added in a pretty awesome tuned RS4 which should be quite a slice of fun, then there’s a snarling V8 powered Mercedes GLC which packs a staggering 503bhp. The Volvo V90 we have may look sensible but has a few tricks up its sleeve, while the Golf R Estate is just sitting pretty knowing that it may be cheaper, but it’s got one of the sweetest handling chassis around. With any one of these four cars you’ll be able to take a tonne of boxes to the recycling tip, take the family out for the day or worry a load of Porsches on a track day – they really are the perfect all-rounders.


We absolutely love the new Audi RS4 here at BOTB. Okay sure, the downgrade to a V6 from the V8 was a little disappointing at first but that was before we drove it – the new 2.9 litre twin turbo V6 is a monster of an engine and the RS4 handles incredibly well, whilst looking like only an Audi RS Avant can – subtle yet menacing. But what if you want…. more? Well that would be ABT’s job – they take the RS4 and using their considerable experience make it the best RS4 you can buy – the RS4-R. As with any tuning job you can expect the engine to get some work done and you’d be correct – ABT’s ECU tune bumps power from 444bhp to 523bhp and torque jumps to 690Nm. That’s good enough for ABT to claim 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, though two different magazines have tested the RS4-R and it has done 3.5 seconds. In a family estate car!

Top speed is 174mph which is adequate should you find yourself on the autobahn. Visually ABT has done some great work too – at the front there’s carbon galore – a carbon framed front grille has the RS4-R logo on it, while a carbon lip spoiler sits below it and there are dive planes/flics/canards at the sides, again in carbon. At the rear there are four 102mm carbon tipped exhaust pipes that release some much-needed noise and they sit within a new more aggressive carbon diffuser. If that wasn’t enough ABT also add some retrimming to the interior with their own logos embroidered around the lovely Audi interior. This may just be the best estate car we’ve ever had in the competition!

Mercedes-AMG GLC63-S

There are plenty of reasons why this car shouldn’t even exist. A medium sized SUV body, but with a ridiculous 503bhp twin turbocharged 4.0 litre V8 under the bonnet – it just makes no sense. Well, unless you’re a petrolhead in which case it makes complete sense as it’s utterly bonkers! The GLC body really does look stunning, especially at the rear while at the front there’s the new Panamericana grille first seen on the AMG GT R and some frankly enormous intakes in the front bumper. The way this AMG model will go down a country road will defy logic, there’s almost no roll and you can press the accelerator half way around a corner and it’ll just grip and go, catapulting you towards the next bend in a wall of wonderful AMG V8 noise.

The interior is a thing of wonder too, with AMG sports seats, loads of standard kit and of course that great view over other road users thanks to it being a high-riding SUV. For this GLC63S, we’ve also chosen the Premium Pack, meaning you get a panoramic roof, Burmester Surround Sound system, Keyless Go and Multibeam LED Headlights as standard. That really is all the spec you could ever want. Monster performance and great practicality – just the kind of thing we love here at BOTB!

Volvo V90 R-Design Pro T8

A Volvo Estate has always been the go-to car for someone wanting a practical, roomy vehicle. But in the last few years the Swedish company has gone from safe and plain to having one of the most stylish car ranges in the world. The exteriors are sleek and understated, yet put them in R-Design spec and the big wheels and aggressive front end shows that you mean business. The interiors are really where they come into their own, using the Swedish minimalistic approach to design as they now have grouped most of the controls onto their huge portrait touch screen in the centre console. In fact there are only a few remaining buttons around the dashboard making it a very cool place to sit.

 But this week is pace and space, so does the V90 deliver? Yes, and then some! This uses the T8 Twin Engine hybrid drivetrain, meaning there’s a 2.0 litre petrol engine combined with electric motors to give 396bhp and 640Nm of torque – unsurprisingly this gives some serious performance with 0-62mph taking just 5.0 seconds on the way to the limited 155mph top speed. But as this is a hybrid you also get 134.5mpg and just 47g/km of CO2. Mighty impressive stuff from the Swedes!

VW Golf R Estate Performance Pack

The do-everything car is the dream of every petrolhead who doesn’t have the luxury (or space) or having multiple vehicles. You need a car that can do your family duties, taking stuff to the recycling depot, transport the wife and kids to ballet classes and also set a blistering lap time around the Nürburgring (or just blast down your favourite country road). Now the current champion of this is the Audi RS6 Avant, but at £80k and with a thirst to shame a V12 supercar they demand deep pockets, plus they’re really very long so not great to park. What’s needed is a similar type of car, but on a smaller budget – step forward the Golf R Estate. VW takes the humdrum Golf Estate body and adds in the full R package – so that’s a 307bhp 2.0 litre turbo, AWD and the only option is the fantastic DSG gearbox.

So while you get sub-5 second to 62mph performance you also get near-40mpg economy, making this the most usable all-round performance car on the market today. This R Estate is even more special though, as it has the Performance Pack installed. That means you get lovely 19-inch ‘Spielberg’ alloys (not pictured above) and larger, better brakes behind them. They also remove the speed limiter, meaning this family estate can hit a staggering 168mph. This Golf R Estate really can do it all.


As usual these four gems are only available until midnight on Sunday so get tickets while you still can!


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