In the Headlights – Supercar vs Superhatch {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

25 Dec 2017

We like a good faceoff here at BOTB, so instead of a crazy four-way battle we’re splitting this week into two pairs of cars, chosen by the man who knows more about selling sports cars than pretty much anyone else in the UK - Dean Bartle, General Manager of Redline Specialist Cars. We asked Dean for two supercars and two super hatches and he hasn’t disappointed with any of them! Time to take a look at his choices in more detail…

In the blue corner, weighing in at 1547kg, we have the Drift King, the Essex Boy – the Ford Focus RS Mountuuuuuuuune! This isn’t just any Focus RS though, this one is packing some serious steroids (all legal and warranty friendly of course) from the clever people at Mountune. So power is up to 375bhp and there’s a fruitier exhaust and intake noise thanks to their fettling. The performance obviously takes a leap up too, so you’ll never be left wanting in this RS. But now, introducing the challenger, in the red corner fighting in the black and yellow shorts it’s the Dark Knight, the German Fighting Machine, it’s the Mercedes A45 Yellow Night Editiooooooooon! (sorry, getting a bit carried away) The A45 is consistently popular on BOTB and we can see why – with a 377bhp turbocharged engine, AWD, dual clutch gearbox and Mercedes quality it sat at the top of the super hatch tree until the new RS3 waltzed in with more power. But this is no ordinary A45, this is the Yellow Night Edition so you get loads more kit as standard, like 19-inch alloys and the aero kit, but then it adds in the special black paint with yellow trim all over to really make it stand out. It’s even repeated inside! As much as I love the Focus RS, this time the winner has to be the A45 though.

I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the boxing analogies, but for this next pair that’s probably wise as it’s just going to be a straight-up street brawl. Two AWD, dual clutch coupes with nearly 600hp, both around £150k and both crushingly effective. First up is the Porsche 911 Turbo S – basically the Turbo with the heat turned up and all the kit thrown at it, so there’s 575bhp from the twin turbo 3.8 litre flat six engine and a staggering 750Nm of torque on overboost. The challenger, the Nissan GT-R Nismo is packing similar stats, though it’s 3.8 litre twin turbo engine (a V6 this time) produces 592bhp but is down on torque at 637Nm. The Nismo is heavier than the 911, but also weighs more, so it’s all to play for – out of the blocks the Nismo has a 0.1s advantage to 62mph, but this is based on the manufacturers claims. Porsche are notoriously conservative about their performance and a few magazines have recorded times in the 2.6-2.7s region for the Turbo S. The Porsche also has a slipperier shape which allows it to reach 205mph versus the Nissan’s 196, despite the power deficit, so it seems pretty even at the moment. Where the differences start to show are on the road – the Nismo is designed to excel on the track and is set up thus, so has a very stiff and uncompromising ride. The Turbo S however is compliant and is pretty much the quickest car you can buy point-to-point in any weather. So as the road is where most of these cars will spend their time, the Turbo S wins for me.

So there you go, that’s our four In the Headlights cars for this week. Which one will you choose? Maybe all four! It is Xmas after all, get your tickets now and you may have a very happy Xmas week!