In the Headlights – Unusual Suspects {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

28 Aug 2017

This week’s theme for our In the Headlights promotion takes a step into the Twilight Zone, a little place known as…… The Unusual Suspects. These are not the normal cars you’d expect in our competition but thanks to Tim Pollard from Car Magazine and Parkers, you’ve got them for one week only! So on with my silliest trousers and banana hat, let’s get unusual!

To start with we have a couple of regular ‘normal’ looking cars, but delve deeper and they’re a bit…..odd. First up, let’s look at the Skoda Octavia vRS 245 DSG – quite a mouthful – but why is a Skoda in the competition?! Well, because it’s a very very good car, virtually identical to a Golf GTi but larger and more powerful. I am definitely a fan of the vRS, it’s the left-field choice in the hot hatch market, but I would say that as I own one! It’s got tonnes of room for family stuff, bikes, runs to the tip, but there’s more than enough power, slick gearchanges from the DSG ‘box and it looks great. Actually, scratch the ‘more than enough power’ line, it seems a little weak when compared to the next car – the Dodge Charger Hellcat. We have the Challenger Hellcat in the comp normally, but what do you do if you have a family, or just like four doors and find the 600hp Merc E63S a little ‘lacking’? Look to the good ‘ol USofA for your answer – they take the rather large and sedate Charger saloon and still that very same 700bhp supercharged 6.2 litre V8 under the bonnet, toughen up the exterior and you’re left with the silliest saloon car on the market. One bonus is that the Charger is aerodynamically slipperier than the Challenger so will top out at an insane 204mph. USA!

Okay so we’ve had a couple of saloons – time to get a little more ‘out there’... Who remembers the 70’s? Yeah, not me either (ok but I was only 3 when the 70’s ended, gimme a break). But anyone who’s anyone knows that the original VW Camper is a serious cool vehicle, with images of kids in the 70’s cruising down to the beach in Cali with their boards on the roof for a weekend of surfing. Well as cool as those old vans are they’re seriously old now and we like a bit of reliability – so we’ve got the latest VW California Ocean. It’s a proper 4-bed camper van, with a pop-up roof and stuff like a cooker, sink and table inside. It’s got the most powerful engine you can get, along with AWD to help get you off the beach at the end of the day and you can option some seriously retro-cool two-tone paint jobs. The last car we’re featuring isn’t really a car at all – it’s a 3-wheeler insanemobile that looks like the Terminator got it on with a Morgan 3-Wheeler. Expect lots of oversteer as that little rear wheel has 171bhp going through it, while you and your passenger sit almost on the floor with crazy angled bodywork around you. This Slingshot by Polaris is easily the most unhinged vehicle we’ve ever featured!

Feeling a bit unusual? Well then, go get some tickets for these cars right here