In the Headlights – Will’s Picks {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

11 Dec 2017

As we’re celebrating announcing our landmark 400th winner this week (how did that happen? When did we get so old etc) we’ve decided to get the man who started it all – BOTB’s Founder & CEO William Hindmarch – to choose the cars to go In the Headlights this time. So what cars has he chosen? Some high-flying supercars? Crazy classics? Insane off-roaders? Erm, not quite – you might be surprised! I’m going to take a look and try to see if I can make sense of the myth, the legend that is William Hindmarch…

Well, the first of Will's choices will probably surprise most people– a couple of tuner cars! But what most don’t know about the top dog is that he secretly harks back to his days reading Max Power and taking his tuned and slammed Fiesta down to Southend seafront on a Friday night for a cruise*. So this week he’s taken two of our most popular cars and given them some tweaks. First up is the do-everything car – the Audi RS3. Now it’s not exactly slow as standard with 394bhp, but this RS3 has taken a trip to Litchfield Tuning for their Stage 2 package – that means it has an ECU remap, a new air filter and a beefier intercooler to allow it to handle the insane 500bhp that it now has. All that power means it now gets to 62mph in 3.6 seconds – that’s supercar quick and should be amazing. Next up is the fantastic BMW M2, but it gets even more work thanks to the German tunermeisters at AC Schnitzer. There’s an ECU tune (it’s so easy with modern turbo motors) that bumps power to an M4-worrying 420bhp, but this is the full ACS2 package so gets new lighter wheels, carbon fibre bodywork aero parts, RS suspension, sports exhaust and an upgraded intercooler. AC Schnitzer’s work even has a 3yr engine and drivetrain warranty so it’s win-win!

As a London-dweller its no surprise that Will has chosen the new Range Rover for one of his picks, especially this new Hybrid P400e model. You get all the luxury and comfort of a full-size Range Rover – and there really is nothing like them on earth in that respect – combined with insanely good economy over 100mpg, a mere parp of CO2 out of the back and the ability to go 31 miles on electric only. That’s enough for most people when driving around town so you won’t even trouble the petrol motor half the time, it really is the perfect all-round car. It’s no Prius when it comes to performance either, with a combined 400bhp it won’t let you down when you need to overtake someone. I’d love one of these – good choice Will.

The final choice is a cracker as well – Will has chosen a two-part prize. The first part is you get to win a new Mercedes-AMG GT-C Coupe, this is the newest addition to the GT range and sits above the GT-S but below the track-focused GT-R. So it has 550bhp and the wider bodywork and track from the GT-R, but still retains the comfort of the GT-S – this is certainly the pick of the range and with the new ‘Panamericana’ grille it looks incredibly aggressive and purposeful. But as if that wasn’t enough – there’s a second part to the prize. You will also win a VIP trip to the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2018 with Auto Vivendi (you may remember them from last week’s ITH). Now this is no ordinary trip to go and watch the GP from some crowded corner, you’ll stay in luxury and will watch the racing action from aboard their amazing super yacht moored in the marina. And you get to take someone else too! I’ve done this trip myself and it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

So there you go, those are Will’s Pick’s for the week – but they’re only available for one week so make sure you head to our competition and get some tickets while you still can!

*I may have made this up, but I just love the idea of posh Will doing that!