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1 Jan 0001

When trying to decide which car to Spotlight this week it wasn’t hard – the 911 Carrera T is a great car but just another 911 variant at the end of the day, while the LR Defender is cool but too compromised. Which left the only real choice and to be honest the only one which every had a chance – the incredible Lamborghini Aventador S. When you think of Lamborghinis you think that they need to look crazy, sound amazing and go crazy fast – well check, check and check for the Aventador S.

Let’s start with the looks. The Aventador shape has been with us since 2011 but time hasn’t dulled the drama, it still makes everyone from young kids to old ladies turn their heads, spill their drinks and walk into lampposts when one drives down the road. It’s so low and wide, with angular body parts jutting out all over that it is the pure essence of supercar design. The design has changed a little over the 6yrs it has been out, culminating in this latest S model. The super aggressive nose has actually been toned down slightly for the S, but it’s still absurdly imposing. The leading edge of the bonnet looks like it would chop you in half if it ran into you, with huge gaping intakes below it which feature jagged looking ‘teeth’ that break them up. There’s of course a jutting splitter at the bottom too which just adds to the aggression.

At the sides there is a shallow glass house – in fact you need to look at the angle of the windscreen to see how fast this thing looks when standing still – it looks like it’s going supersonic! Just behind the iconic scissor doors sit the largest air intakes feeding cool air to the engine, with a few more scattered around the rear haunches for good measure. The rear sees myriad changes too, with a huge diffuser housing a new triple exhaust tip arrangement, out of which comes the kind of noise that would make Thor afraid.

Of course the thing that creates that delicious scream is the heart of this beast – the 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 which produces 730bhp – that’s more than a McLaren 720S which I think is no coincidence – and gives the Aventador S incredible performance. The 0-62mph sprint is dealt with in a staggering 2.9 seconds and it will power its way to 217mph. As with most modern Lambos, that power is sent to all four wheels so you can pretty much put all 730bhp down in any weather without fear of killing yourself, but for an added bit of drama there’s no dual clutch gearbox here. Lamborghini made lots of claims about the ‘emotion’ of their single clutch paddle shift ‘box but really it’s just down to packaging and developing a new gearbox being too expensive. The fact is the gearbox is the weakest aspect of the Aventador S, when you change gear at full throttle in Corsa mode the jolt is so severe it feels like Mike Tyson just caught you with a right hook to the face.

But you certainly learn to ignore the gearbox when you’ve got that glorious V12 screaming away behind your ears and literally every person on the road or street staring at you. The Aventador S is a proper supercar in every respect – it looks insane and sounds even more bonkers. It’s almost as crazy that you can win one in our competition for just £16.25. Sure that’s a lot by our normal ticket standards but don’t forget this is a £260,000 car! And if you get 5 or more they’re £13, 10 or more and they’re £9.75. The Aventador S is only in the competition until midnight on Sunday so get your tickets while you can!

And if you need any more convincing, here’s a fantastic in-depth video about the Aventador S from none other than Shmee150: