In the Spotlight - Land Rover Spectre Defender {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

27 Oct 2017

‘Cool’ is pretty hard to define when it comes to cars. Cool obviously refers to something like a classic Ferrari or a modern Jag F-Type R for instance. But there are also vehicles on the fringe, that are so unbelievably bonkers and out there that they instantly become cool. The Spectre Land Rover Defender is one such car.

Created for the James Bond film of the same name, they were put to work in the Austrian alps for lots of filming duties, then those cars were sold (not for road use) which prompted a few companies like Urban Automotive to create exact replicas of these extreme off roading Defenders that look like they would eat anything and everything on the road. Now I could sit here and write hundreds of words on the detail of the Spectre Defender, but thankfully for me (and you) a rather amiable chap called Harry Metcalfe (ex owner of Evo magazine, consultant for JLR’s SVO group and also Harry’s Garage on YouTube) owns one of these and makes rather wonderful videos.

So sit back and watch as Mr Metcalfe talks you through his Spectre Defender, though do consider that this is the actual movie car, not what you can buy now from Urban:

And if Harry’s video wasn’t enough, lifestyle YouTuber Mr JWW has also done a video, but his one is of one of the road legal replicas that we’re offering – so do enjoy!

Don’t forget you can win the Spectre Defender here for one week only!