In the Spotlight – McLaren 570S {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

9 Feb 2018

The McLaren 570S is so good, you wonder why anyone buys a 720S. Honestly, it’s that good. When you compare it to its rivals, the 570S stacks up very well, but doesn’t walk away with the spec sheet wars, let’s take a look. The main rivals for this McLaren are the Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2, Porsche 911 Turbo S and probably the Mercedes-AMG GT R. All similar prices, all similar power outputs of around 570hp. I’ve driven all three, but I can tell you straight away that if it was my money I’d be picking the McLaren.

To start with, the 570S may have 570hp, but it only weighs around 1380kg – that’s 250kg less than the 911 Turbo S and around 150kg less than the Lambo, which explains why in a repeated drag race with a Huracan LP610-4 (so AWD for better traction and more power) the 570S walked away with the victory every time. Well, weight and the fact that it’s generally agreed by everyone outside of McLaren that their power outputs are somewhat conservative and that the 570 really has more like 600.

But the raw speed of the 570S only tells half of the story, the way it handles makes you question the laws of physics and how well you can make a set of dampers work. Put all the dials into Normal (comfort) and the 570S will cruise around as comfortably and easy to drive as a mid-sized hatchback, the suspension compliant and supple, the steering isn’t sharp, the throttle nice and progressive. It actually defies logic that this carbon fibre supercar from Woking is so easy to drive. But don’t for one second think that it isn’t exciting to drive – there are other settings on those dials…

Twist the powertrain and handling dials across to Sport or Track and everything becomes tighter, more aggressive, from the lightning-quick steering to the more tightly controlled suspension and the ‘breathe on it and you’re doing 150mph’ accelerator pedal. The combination of that epic twin turbocharged V8 and the dual clutch gearbox that is so quick it’s almost telepathic, you blast down a twisty country road and arrive at the other end wondering if you’d just blasted a hole in the space-time continuum.

It’s not perfect though. At the end of said road you might wonder if it was you or the car that did all the work, for instance in the new 911 GT3 you’d be sweating and your pulse would be through the roof at the same end-point but you’d know it was all you that enabled you to get there that quickly without exploding in a ball of flames with a telegraph pole on your lap. And McLaren really need to work on their exhaust sound. It’s good, but it’s nothing like as good as the GT3, Huracan/R8 or even the Ferrari Portofino which has a similar blown V8.

As ever, I’ll leave you with a video, but this time you’re in for a treat with one of my journalistic heroes and presenter of the latest New New Top Gear; Chris Harris, taking the 570S for a spin. Enjoy…

You can get tickets for the 570S until midnight on Sunday for just £6.80 right here. Go on then! Go!