In the Spotlight – Mercedes-AMG GT-C & Monaco GP Trip {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

16 Dec 2017

We are huge fans of the Mercedes-AMG GT here at BOTB HQ, and it seems you wonderful players are too as it’s always a very popular car – in fact our amazing 400th winner just this week won the GT. That was the base model GT (not that 471bhp is anything to be sniffed at) and there are a few more models in that range, so this was a good opportunity to offer something different. Above the GT sits the GT-S, and at the top of the tree is the track special GT-R model. The GT-R is very hard, focused and a bit twitchy and the GT-S isn’t quite sporty enough for some so Mercedes decided to add in another model – the GT-C.

 The GT-C sits perfectly between the 522hp GT-S and the 585hp GT-R with 557hp (that’s 550bhp) from the 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 and 680Nm. The engine has slightly different internals in the -R and -C, detuned for the latter. But with all that power, it certainly has a slight performance boost over the -S model – you can hit 62mph from a standstill I just 3.7 seconds (impressive for a RWD car) and if you keep that pedal squashed into the carpet you’ll top out at 197mph. Okay so the stats are impressive, but what about the rest of the car?

Well, Mercedes-AMG couldn’t really just stick a beefier engine in the GT-S body, so in keeping with their ‘halfway house’ positioning of this model, it also gets the wider body of the GT-R. Starting at the front, there’s the now-standard across the range, imposing Panamericana grille with its 15 vertical chrome slats. Below the grille is a larger central intake and splitter, while the intakes either side of that are also enlarged to GT-R spec, with larger intercoolers behind them. The front wings are actually the same as lower down the range, it’s just the bumper that has been tweaked to give the impression of a wider front end. It’s the rear where you’re going to notice the biggest differences.

The rear arches are 57mm wider overall which really shows when you look at the rear shot of the GT-C, it just looks so planted and squat. Now that bodywork only actually covers wider rear wheels – the suspension is identical to the GT-S but the wider rears give increased grip. The GT-C also gets the -R’s active rear wheel steering system which gives added agility and poise in the corners. Visually you can tell as well thanks to the small vent below the Mercedes badge and the curvy outlets behind the rear wheels. There’s a lovely set of twin-five spoke alloys too. Other than that, it’s business as usual with the GT – a long nose, a lovely cabin with a driver-focused dashboard and the kind of snarling, angry V8 rumble from the exhausts that reminds you of 70’s muscle cars.

But this Spotlight can’t just focus on the GT-C, we also have to look at Part Two of the prize…

Just picture the scene. You take delivery of your AMG GT-C in March after an agonising wait and have been rolling around your city in it, destroying back roads and even took it to the old circuit at Reims as a weekend trip. It looks great in the optional triple layer yellow paint and has loads of great options on it as you were clever enough to tick the £20k cash option when you checked out. So you’ve been driving the GT-C around, but today you’re driving to the airport, where you park up and board a flight to the south of France…

That’s right, it’s mid-May and you’re about to experience Part Two of this prize, your mate is in the passenger seats and you’re on the way to one of the most memorable trips of your life – watching the Monaco Grand Prix over the whole weekend, from a superyacht moored in the Marina. Good food, great company, sheer luxury all around, Monaco is unlike any other Grand Prix and you’ll probably spot more hypercars and supercars just driving around over the weekend than in your whole year combined. The guys at Auto Vivendi have been running this trip for years now and it’s one trip that people just keep talking about.

We really have never given away such an incredible combo of prizes, but it’s only available until midnight Sunday 17th – so get your tickets here while you still can!