In the Spotlight – Mercedes Marco Polo {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

26 Jan 2018

Nobody was more surprised than the BOTB top brass when we added the VW California Camper for a previous ITH week and ticket sales went through the roof. So we decided to add it permanently not long after and it has continued to be hugely popular with players. This week saw the return of the Unusual Suspects theme and we wanted another camper, so we have added in this – the Mercedes Marco Polo.

Amusingly, it was either this or the VW that were going to be added last time and the VW just won out, but I wanted the Merc to be added as I think it represents better value for money. With the California you’re paying a lot for the ‘cool factor’ of the VW camper van heritage and if you start adding it up the Mercedes is actually better value. Admittedly that’s down to us having the absolute top spec Cali in the competition at over £60k, but this Marco Polo sees it off at every turn.

To start off, this is the V250g AMG Line model, which is as good as it gets in Marco Polo-land. That means it has a 187bhp diesel engine, going to the rear wheels via a standard automatic gearbox. the AMG Line part means you get bigger wheels and a slightly sportier front bumper. With a camper van like this there are so many brilliant features and touches all over that it would take an age to work through them all here.

But thankfully there’s the wonder of YouTube these days and in this case specifically, the lovely Shaun and Lizzy (and Bentley the dog) who run a channel called California Camping where they document their time travelling around Europe in a VW California Ocean, much like we have in the competition. But in this video they decided to check out the rival – the Marco Polo. It’s a fantastic and in-depth look all over the Marco Polo and really is a brilliant way to see all the features!

Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Marco Polo right here while you can – it’s gone at midnight on Sunday!