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5 Jan 2018

There are few companies out there who could get away with charging you more for less, but Porsche are the Kings of it – see their GT3 and GT2 models – lighter, less equipment but cost more. Okay there’s a whole lot more to it than that admittedly, but their ethos is the same and they’ve decided to apply it to the cheapest 911 in the range. Interesting…

The Carrera T namechecks a classic 911 from the 70’s which was stripped out and more focused and that’s pretty much where Porsche has gone with the new Carrera T, taking the lessons they’ve learned from the GT3 and making what is supposed to be the purists choice of 911…. on a budget. Because the more well-heeled purist would buy a GT3 Touring Pack. So, what is the Carrera T?

Well you start off with the base Carrera model, and it keeps that car’s 3.0 litre twin turbo flat-six engine producing 365bhp which may not sound like much in this world of 400bhp hatchbacks, but this is a very light car – in fact the Carrera T comes in at just 1425kg. This is actually not that much lighter than the Carrera, despite having lighter side and rear glass, reduced sound deadening and Porsche saying it’s 20kg lighter than the 1430kg Carrera. There’s a tiny bit of fibbing going on really, as that 20kg saving only appears if you delete the rear seats and the air conditioning, both of which are left in as standard but optional to remove at no cost.

So why doesn’t it weigh less? That’s because even though they’ve taken stuff out, it comes with a lot of stuff put back in under the skin. Stuff you couldn’t ordinarily spec on a base Carrera. So as standard there’s the Porsche Sports Exhaust, the 20mm lower PASM sports chassis, 20-inch alloys and a limited slip rear differential, while the 7-speed manual gearbox you get as standard gets the final drive ratio from the Carrera S improving acceleration throughout the range. You can spec a PDK dual clutch gearbox, but you lose the LSD and it’s a fair bit heavier. Plus the Carrera T was designed for a manual so it’s rude not to!

Visually you’ll be able to distinguish the Carrera T from its brethren by the more aggressive front splitter, satin grey wheels and grey mirrors along with the stickers on the doors. If you opt for the ‘T interior package’ you get coloured stitching throughout the interior, the fabric doors are coloured and the fabric centres for the seats also get more colour. Its certainly worth taking that interior option as it lifts the ambiance and makes it feel a bit more special.

So if you add all of these parts up you get what could very well be the best 911 in the range. The base Carrera is already an utterly brilliant thing to drive, more so that those higher up the range in many ways, so if Porsche can achieve half of what they want to it will be exceptional.

And as it’s Friday, here’s a wonderful video by Petrolicious, done in conjunction with Porsche. Enjoy…

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