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19 Jun 2018

Its all very well and good to sit there and think that you’re some kind of driving God and that RWD is the only true way you can have a car and have driving pleasure. But the simple fact remains that in most countries (the UK especially) the weather is very rarely amazing and very often wet. This means slimy roads, and with so many cars around you might want a higher seating position for better vision. So we’ve chosen four cars that have AWD systems to help you out, two are slightly raised up and one is, quite frankly and absolutely beastly monster that will crush any puny humans that come across its path. Grrr.

Ford F150 Raptor

What can be said about the Raptor that hasn’t already been said? The Raptor is designed to be a seriously capable off-road desert running 4x4, with expensive shocks and dampers, big wheels and tyres and lots of clever electronic trickery to help out. This 2017 Raptor is a victim of downsizing though, with the old V8 replaced with a 3.5 litre Ecoboost twin turbo V6 – but power is up to 450bhp so no need to worry about the performance. It is a pretty huge vehicle though – the Raptor dwarfs even the latest Range Rover at 19ft long! So not really the kind of car to drive around the city, but that’s not what the Raptor was designed for. It’s one of the most capable vehicles off road thanks to the massive chunky tyres and clever AWD system, but again you won’t be taking it down your local green lanes…

Mercedes GLC 63-S Coupe

Now here is a car that will undoubtedly divide opinion – the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63-S Coupe (what is it with all the long names?) And with good reason too, as it takes a practical SUV and removes the practicality a fair bit by adding a coupe roofline. Then it ditches the usual 2.2 litre diesel engine found in the GLC and replaces it with a ridiculous 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 producing 503bhp. So you get epic performance (hitting 62mph in under 4 seconds), the kind of thunderous sound only a true AMG can make and it even handles like a sports car. Mad, crazy, bonkers and I love it.

Audi RS5 Sportback

We do love the RS5 and RS4 here at BOTB. The combination of slick, aggressive looks and incredible performance means they’re always popular with our players too. You can have a sleek coupe RS5 or the practical estate RS4, but what to do if you want sleek coupe looks that can seat four people? Well Audi has answered your call with the RS5 Sportback. Same epic powertrain as its brethren, same super aggressive nose as the RS5 but with a coupe-like four door bodyshell which means you can carry friends or family without sacrificing style.

VW T-Roc R-Line 190

Lots of people may not like SUVs, in fact some go as far as to hate them, but you really can’t deny that they’re here to stay. The SUV is the biggest growing and selling segment throughout the world right now, with every manufacturer getting in on it including Lamborghini. So there are some big players coming in, but VW has been selling the Tiguan and Touareg for many years and now they’ve brought out a baby brother for them – the T-Roc. This takes the typical VW styling cues, but really adds some serious style and funkiness to it with a taught, athletic stance and more crease lines than a 90yr old’s face. You can get some versions in FWD, but we’re offering the best T-Roc you can get – so it has a 187bhp 2.0 litre petrol turbo engine, and that power goes to all four wheels via VW’s outstanding DSG dual clutch gearbox. Being R-Line spec you also get some lovely 19-inch alloys and a more aggressive styling. This really is a fantastically versatile car.


Don't forget these cars are only available until midnight on Sunday so get some tickets while you can!