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9 Aug 2017

Come rain or shine the Great British summer wouldn't be the same without a convertible or two. So we decided this week’s In the Headlights choices would be those with a folding roof – be it fabric or hard top – so we can dream about cruising with the roof down getting a sunburnt head. This week's choices were made by Elisha Chauhan from MSN Cars, so BOTB’s Nathan Rous interviewed her to find out why she picked those four cars in particular. Here are her thoughts on each car:

Ferrari California

The California is a stand-out Ferrari. Not for loud looks - which have been forgone for a slightly understated silhouette - but rather for what's under the body. 

Specifically, a front-mounted V8 engine - the first street-legal Ferrari to do so. Other firsts this Ferrari claims are a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, direct fuel injection and also a folding metal roof.

With four seats and a decent list of equipment as standard, the California is the 'everyday' Ferrari should such a thing exist. 

Mini JCW

Sitting pretty as a range-topping ‘halo’ model, the JCW is one of the best city runaround cars on the market.

Take it on the open roads and the Mini is big fun. Even with the top down the car feels solid to drive, gripping well to the roads and great into the corners.

Mustang Ecoboost

This Mustang is perfect for those who love the idea of ‘cruising drop-top down the highway’.

You can live the American dream without having to worry too much about real-world economy in this eco model.

Alpina B4S Biturbo

Effectively a BMW M4 that’s a bit more luxurious, including much-improved interior detailing, bespoke Michelin tyres and Akrapovič exhaust.

The sporty, high-end convertible marks another success for Alpina. The B4 upgrade, however, is a somewhat grown-up refinement by the specialist car tuner.



So those are the cars Elisha has chosen, but we needed to know more about Elisha herself, here’s some more info:

Bio – Elisha Chauhan, Content Editor, MSN Cars

While cars can be an incredibly personal thing, a shared passion often creates mutual respect regardless of leaning.

So when Elisha mentions that the BMW 8 Series, the glamorous tourer first introduced in 1989, would be her dream car, you can’t help but admire the choice.

“I’m a sucker for pop-up headlights,” she says, acknowledging the feature that always gets an ‘oooh’.

The German coupe, loved and loathed in equal measure by the critics, is still a long way ahead from Elisha’s first foray into cars.

“My first car was, unfortunately, a tragic story of buying a 2002 Vauxhall Corsa extremely last minute – in the pitch black of night – out of necessity for my first real editor job Id be starting the next morning.”

Those purchases never bode well, although she has made up for the mishap.

“My job is a dream job in many respects. I grew up in a family of a mechanics and rally drivers, so naturally as a petrolhead, reading and writing about cars all day doesnt feel like a job at all – and thats what I love about it.

“One of my best drives was at the SMMT test driving day last year: I managed to drift the Audi R8 V10 Plus around the last hairpin corner of the Hill Track – much to the shock of my terrified passenger.”

Like all the finest drivers on today’s roads, she didn’t pass her own test first time.

“I would love to say it was on the first try like most people I know, but actually it was on the third (with no minor faults, Id like to add).”

It’s certainly not deterred her from making motoring a career. Indeed, she’s had spells on sports and motoring desks at a string of leading organisations including the BBC and Autocar.


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