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20 Mar 2018

Ah yes, the do-it-all car. It’s a wonderful dream to have a converted barn turned into garages, storing your collection of cars. The Range Rover for daily duties, a classic Ferrari for lovely summer days, a Caterham for track fun and a 911 GT3 for getting your driving thrills. But sadly, most of us don’t have the money, space, or understanding wives to achieve that dream so we have to settle for just the one car that does everything. Thankfully there are quite a few choices out there, so we asked Will Wynn of MyCarHeaven.com to choose some for this week’s ITH. He’s given some thoughts on the cars below and as usual I’ve stuck my Size 12 in there as well. Enjoy!

Audi RS6 Performance

Will Wynn: A family estate that goes 0-60 mph in 3.7secs and has a top speed of 189mph just has to be marvelled at. Audi has both ends of the spectrum - insane two-seaters and family cars which give them a run for their money. If you want the school run in the blink of an eye, or head to the tip in style with a boot full of rubbish, this is the car for you.

Tim Oldland: He’s not wrong you know – the RS6 is a simply staggeringly good car at doing pretty much everything you can throw at it. I think the only thing is can’t do is be a convertible. I’ve been lucky enough to throw the normal RS6 around Millbrook’s Hill Route track at simply silly speeds and I can safely say it was no less fun, less quick or certainly less noisy than the 911 I took around after it. To think that this Performance model now has 597bhp and is faster, noisier and sorners better honestly makes my brain melt. Bravo, Audi. Bravo.

Lamborghini Urus

WW: Would Ferruccio Lamborghini would be turning in his grave, who knows? Then again he made tractors, so probably not. Lamborghini certainly raised eyebrows by heading into the SUV world, but the Urus has managed to retain the supercar styling and the performance (a top speed of 190 mph we'll have you know) to justify its existence. As for the colour, it's got to be yellow.

TO: I really want to love the Urus, in fact I chose it in a previous ITH. But I saw it in Geneva and just couldn’t get on with the styling, so I don’t like it I’m afraid. BUT – having seen the interior (it’s fantastic and like sitting in a bigger Huracan) and seen footage of what it can do, I’m still seriously impressed with the Urus. From everything I’ve seen this SUV will out-handle most sports cars which is no small achievement. And frankly the looks are subjective  -I know loads of people who love the looks – so to most it’s a sure-fire winner.

Alpina B3S Biturbo

WW: Now I’m not a fan of BMWs generally, but I get this.  Alpina do things differently and I like different, especially when it gives you some stunning performance figures thanks to the twin turbo. If looks could kill the Alpina would be a mass murderer - its front end dipped and its nostrils flared. If you like the BMW 3 series but want a different take on it, the Alpina is a great option.

TO: Aha, another fast Alpina estate – this time the B3S BiTurbo Touring which takes a different approach to the performance estate brief. So there’s still a six cylinder engine which produces a 438bhp in this case, while that power goes to just the rear wheels via an 8-speed ZF auto ‘box and the interior is plush leather and wood – an altogether more grown up alternative to the RS4 and the M3 Touring were BMW to pull their fingers out and make one. It has brutal performance mixed with luxury and understated looks. You can keep the others, this is my pick for the week.

VW Golf R Estate Performance Pack

WW: The Golf R Estate Performance Pack ticks both boxes in this week's theme - it's a speedy little number yet acutely practical. And it gives you change from £40,000. With a 0-62mph time of 4.6 seconds, and a top speed of 168mph, that’s a lot of oomph for not a lot of money. We love the hatchback version, obviously, but little is lost when you add a few inches.

TO: The RS6 may have its brutal V8 powertrain and the Alpina swathes of leather inside, but for those on a more modest budget the Golf R Estate is the perfect do-it-all car. It’s literally half the car the RS6 is in terms of numbers – half the cylinders, half the power, half the price. But it certainly isn’t half the car, far from it in fact – the R Estate turns and handles with a deftness and poise that many far more expensive cars dream about. It’s one of my favourite cars on sale at the moment – so much so I’m going to buy one to replace my vRS next year!


Enough waffling about cars, it’s about time we find out a little more anout Will Wynn…

Will has a bee in his bonnet. It’s about all cars on the road looking the same. Or similar.

We feel his pain.

“There’s no individuality anymore,” he grumbles. “Everything is grey, or white, and the same shape. We need more iconic cars on the roads to stop us all going mad!”

It’s the reason for Will’s penchant for the classic motors of yesteryear – the cars of the 1960s which celebrated curves and detailing like no other era before or since.

“This is the reason behind the blog,” he admits. “My Car Heaven was about encouraging people to search for the beautiful, the iconic, the desirable. I’m a car nut but I wanted to offer something a little bit more individual.

“I’ve realised over the years that you don’t have to be in Top Gear to be interesting to people. A lot of our readers don’t want big personalities or egos, they just want to read about the cars that matter to them. Anyway, don’t get me started on Top Gear, or the Grand Tour for that matter. They’re more interested in the production than the car.”

Although born in 1973, the previous decade holds more allure for Will.

“If BOTB was to take the wraps off my dream motor it would either be a Ferrari 250 SWB Berlinetta or a DB4 Zagato. Both of them are incredible. If you forced me to have something modern I’d probably change my mind every five minutes but maybe it would be the Pagani Huayra. I’ve met the guy who runs Pagani and he is an artist. His cars are pure joy and utterly beautiful inside.”

So he doesn’t get turned on by an entry-level Ford Orion.

“Do you want the polite answer?” he laughs in response.

While Will is currently curating his own ‘car heaven’, he drives two of life’s most reliable beasts – a Q7 and a first generation Lexus RX400h.

“The Lexus is 12 years old and has done 125,000 miles but nothing has ever gone wrong with it,” he says. “I’ve not had to replace one part – it’s incredible. I’ll never get rid of it.”

Like most kids, Will’s bedroom wall was plastered with car pictures including the Porsche 959, the Lamborghini Diablo and the Ferrari Testarossa.

“I’ve always been a Ferrari fan and ever since I passed my driving test I told myself I’d have a Ferrari one day, but instead of doing something car-related I set up a recruitment company working 80-hour weeks in order to get one. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, eh?”

He’s passing his passion on, too.

“My son is 11 and he has got 15 or 16 of those die-cast 1/18 cars - a couple of Jags and Ferraris – so he’s slowly getting the bug. I recently built a bigger garage because I want my own car heaven, even looking after two of my friend’s Porsches, so he’ll grow up around cars, that’s for sure.”

Of course, no interview can end without hearing whether Will passed his test first time or not. Indeed, most of interviewees volunteer the information before the question is asked.

“I passed first time…after 10 lessons may I add,” he chuckles. “My mum’s partner at the time basically let me practise in a car park but before the lessons started I drove a bit too fast and went straight into a kerb and wrote it off - full lock into the kerb and ripped off the front axle. Thankfully I didn’t repeat the manoeuvre in my test!”









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