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28 Dec 2017

This week it’s all about choice – we bring you two supercars that are the ultimate versions of cars we already have in our competition and two super hatchbacks which are the same – the top of the tree, the best of the be…. you get where I’m going with this. For this week’s car choices, we went to the man who YouTubers and supercar connoisseurs alike go to when they want to buy a new car – Dean Bartle, General Manager of the awesome Redline Specialist Cars. If you haven’t seen their stock, make sure you’re sitting down when you do as there’s everything you could ever want there from a Mini Cooper S to a Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster, via McLaren 675LT and Ferraris galore. Dean let us know why he likes the cars he chose, then we find out more about the man himself…

Ford Focus RS Mountune

We have sold quite a few Focus RS car since their first debut. We only buy the cars with all the right specification, as a hot hatch these cars are superb value for money with the AWD for added traction and the crackles and pops for the boy racers at heart we secretly know we all are. It really is good fun.

Mercedes-AMG A45 Yellow Night Edition

I have nothing but good things to say about this car, this car really has it all from its aggressive looks to the sweet sound that comes from the exhaust. The overall looks of this car have been tastefully designed and really does turn heads! It feels quicker than the other hot hatches too (perhaps that’s just the sound).

Nissan GT-R Nismo

These are simply quite incredible when it comes to performance and handling of course, hence the incredible lap times that they had achieved at the famous Nürburgring. They are incredibly fast, however not the comfiest of cars. But they’re designed to punish a track into submission so that can be forgiven.

Porsche 911 Turbo S

Without a doubt one of my favourite cars of all time, sub 3 seconds 0-62, immense traction, comfortable, quiet and refined, typical great German build quality….in fact if you shut the door and listen carefully it sounds just like a golf…ha-ha. This to me is simply the best supercar on the market, and one that is very hard to beat. But I guess that’s 50 years of making sports cars for you.


Now onto Dean himself – what makes him tick?

With a traffic cop for a dad, it was clear that Dean was destined for a life of high-speed.

“He came home with a prototype four-litre Granada Cosworth one day. The tyres were so wide you wouldn’t believe. The sound was insane and there was nothing that it couldn’t catch.”

Of course, this was back in the days when a whale-tail Escort Cosworth was the car of choice for West Yorkshire Police.

“Every time dad was allowed to bring one of the cars home I’d spend hours washing and polishing it. I knew I’d work with cars one day and I couldn’t go past a car showroom without pressing my nose to the glass and seeing what was inside.”

Dean’s move into car sales was as much about destiny as it was accidental.

“I bought a Citroen Saxo in 1995 and it was at the time when they were doing free insurance and free servicing. It made the package really appealing and essentially, I took a lot of my friends back there who also bought them on the strength of my experience. The sales manager was really impressed and offered me a job there and then.”

Yet cars didn’t come straight away. He was busy perfecting his singing voice as a redcoat.

“I was doing a lot of singing when I left school. I still do. But I think it’s that confidence of standing up in front of 1,500 people which makes this job seem a doddle in comparison. If I can sing my heart out to a packed audience I can definitely talk to someone about cars. They’re my passion.”

Redline may be in a busy market but the company has carved out a niche of selling the best cars with the best spec.

“We buy the cars we love but they have to have something different about them. We don’t want to see the stock that everyone else can get. We want the one-offs, the limited editions, the cars with every single possible extra. That’s why people come from far and wide to buy from us.”

A lot of Redline’s customers know their cars, too.

“Later this afternoon I’m off to see a customer who just has a stunning collection,” Dean says. “It’s just got everything you could wish for, including the most amazing Ferrari 250 short wheelbase. We’re selling to people who know their cars which is why we have to offer them the best out there.”

What about for the rest of us who don’t have bottomless pockets?

“You’ve got to buy clever,” he said. “It’s all about the right spec. Do your research and listen to the experts, but also keep an eye on the market. If you buy on impulse you will end up with a lovely car but if you buy clever you’ll have a lovely car which doesn’t lose any money.”


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