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16 May 2018

Yes, below there are two vans. But don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet, they are no ordinary vans…

I’ll admit, this week’s ITH theme is a little odd but we’re getting quite a lot of sun here in the UK at the moment which inspired the ‘Tan’ section with our two V8 Mercs, and you would honestly be very surprised by the number of requests we get to feature vans on BOTB so their time has finally come. For the vans we went for a super high spec VW T6 Transporter and I don’t think there’s a better looking load-lugger out there. Apart from maybe the MS-RT Transit, which is a LWB with 5 seats so it can do family duties as well. It’s an eclectic mix for sure, but I reckon it’ll be super popular!

Mercedes-AMG GT-C Roadster

Despite having a slightly sunburn-prone head, I love nothing more than driving a convertible in nice weather. There’s something so special about hearing the engine more, the wind rushing over your scalp (or through your hair if you have any) and the sun on your face, it’s great. And I can’t think of a better car to do that in than the AMG GT-C Roadster. With that long nose stretching out in front of you housing a powerhouse 550bhp 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 you sit with your behind almost on the rear axle. The interior is a fantastic place to be and there is a sound that only an AMG can make coming from behind your head. Just perfect.

Mercedes C63S Cabriolet

Another Mercedes now, and in fact one that shares a lot of the AMG GT-C Roadster’s attributes. Same powerhouse V8 engine albeit ‘only’ putting out 503bhp here, same feral exhaust note and same access to Mother Sun’s glorious rays thanks to a folding roof. But this C63S Cabriolet adds in an extra level of practicality thanks to the bigger boot and rear seats. There is also the small matter of it being a more conventional layout so is easier to drive and nowhere near as wide. But don’t think this Cabriolet is just a tame boulevard cruiser – oh no it’ll tear up your favourite country roads with the best of them and come back wanting more. Mightily impressive machine.

MS-RT Ford Transit Custom LWB DCiV DCT

Ah, the Ford Transit, the backbone of Britain as the advertising tells us. It has been in production for over 50 years and you can’t drive for more than a minute on our roads without seeing at least one – after all they’ve made over 8 million of them! Fast forward to 2018 at the Transit Custom has got all the best bits from the Ford parts bin to make it the most usable Transit yet. But as good as it is, sometimes you want your van to be a little bit ‘extra’ and be practical and yet sporty at the same time. This is where MS-RT comes in - a collaboration with Malcolm Wilson’s M-Sport (who do Ford’s rally cars) – who take the Transit and modify them with a body kit and parts to give buyers that little bit more personalisation. So outside you get a custom designed body kit with an aggressive front bumper, wider arches and a rear bumper housing the twin exhaust tips from the stainless steel exhaust system. It’s a little harsh to call it a body kit though, such is the high level of finish that you’d think it was a Ford-designed part. There are 18-inch OZ alloy wheels (20’s optional) and you can also get a graphics package to finish off the look. Inside there is a new flat-bottomed steering wheel, leather interior and loads of tech. This particular version is an intriguing vehicle too – it’s the DCIV (Double Cab in Van) version which means there are 5 seats, plus it has the LWB body so there’s a decent load area behind. It also has the 168bhp diesel engine mated to the 6-speed automatic gearbox for easy town driving. Basically this could double up as a family vehicle and work van, perfect for those who only want one vehicle and don’t like the idea of an SUV or MPV. And it looks awesome!

VW Transporter Edition 204 DSG

When is a Golf not a Golf? When it’s a Transporter van! It may be an old cliché but when you get behind the wheel of the latest VW T6 Transporter you could be easily fooled into thinking you’re sitting in a Golf. The dash looks very similar, all the switchgear and dials are all the same and it has the same level of quality. And in this particular Edition model you also feel the performance too as you have a 201bhp twin turbo diesel engine going through a 7spd DSG dual clutch gearbox. That’s more powerful than the Golf GTD! The Edition spec brings lots of toys too, with the outside getting special graphics, gloss black 18-inch alloy wheels, power folding mirrors and LED headlights. Inside you get VW’s full Discover media system too, which has Bluetooth connection, DAB radio, satnav and has a reversing camera display to go with the front and rear parking sensors. Should you want to delve into the options list you can also choose from Adaptive Cruise Control (normal cruise is standard), a sunroof and heated seats – in a van! So if you need a small van, this is the absolute best available.


Don’t forget these beauties are only available until midnight on Sunday so what are you waiting for? Get thee to the competition forthwith!