LA Motor Show: 2016 Jaguar Updates {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

30 Nov 2014

At the 2014 LA Motor Show, Jaguar revealed that the 2016 F-Type will receive a huge numbers of updates, additions and changes, all of which we’re happy to say are positive. The F-Type has proven to be a huge hit for Jaguar since its launch and they’re aiming to build on that success with the myriad changes. We’ll break them down below:

Manual Gearbox

This is the news that enthusiasts have been waiting for – an F-Type that you can shift yourself. The new six-speed gearbox – called Quickshift and made by ZF – will be available on the 335 bhp V6 and 375 bhp V6S models only and is likely to cost less than the automatic version. Jaguar has redesigned the centre console to allow more freedom for the driver’s arm and the gearlever has a short throw of just 45 mm.


The 375 bhp V6S and 542 bhp V8R models will also now be available with a rear-biased AWD system, giving all-weather grip and welcome traction that can be lacking in the big hitter. The AWD models are distinguished by different bonnet vents and an ‘AWD’ badge on the rear.

V8R Convertible

The V8S convertible model has now been replaced with the V8R, using the same 542 bhp supercharged V8 engine as the R Coupe, and features AWD as standard.


One of the F-Type’s biggest interior failings is fixed in the update, with a new infotainment system. The old system was rather clunky and old fashioned, while the new InControl system gets increased smartphone connectivity and a better interface. There is also torque vectoring as standard across the range, as is the new electrically assisted steering system.