LA Motor Show: All-new Mini Cooper S {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

18 Apr 2014

BMW has pulled the wraps off the all-new 2014 Mini Cooper S at the LA Motor Show, sparking forum debates world over with one subject – can a car this big still be called a Mini?

When the R53 Mini appeared in 2001, it was a cute, dainty little car that got a lot of complaints for being much bigger than the classic Mini (though a car could never be that size these days), complaints that increased in volume just as the car did the same for the R56 version. Well we can expect the world of internet experts to erupt again now as the F56 generation Mini grows in size again, this time by a considerable margin over the previous model.

The F56 three door hatch is 98 mm longer, 44 mm wider and 7 mm taller than the R56 model, considerable increases brought on by the need to sell in bigger number in the US. Wheelbase increases by 42 mm too giving a lot more interior space, particularly in the rear, while boot space increases to 211 litres.

There are all new engines at launch too, though the Cooper S is the one that will appeal to BOTB fans, until the JCW version comes along that is. The Cooper S gets a new 2.0 litre four cylinder turbocharged petrol engine – odd in the current trend of engine downsizing given the previous 1.6 litre lump – producing 189 bhp and 206 lb/ft of torque. Despite the size increase, weight is the same as the previous model.

Visually the new Cooper S is somewhat challenging. It is still instantly recognisable as a Mini, but despite the surfacing being smoother and rounder, the increase in size makes it look a little awkward from some angles. The headlights are now huge with LED DRL rings in them, and the rear lights grow in size too. The Cooper S gets an extra air intake below the main grille and the standard twin exhausts in the centre of the rear bumper.

The Cooper S goes on sale in the Spring and will cost £18,650, though as with all previous generations expect most to roll out of the showroom costing well over £20,000 – the average option spend on a Cooper S worldwide is around £2500.