LA Motor Show: Jaguar F-Type & F-Type R Coupe {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

10 Apr 2014

Jaguar has released the F-Type Coupe at the LA Motor Show, calling it their most dynamically capable, performance focused production car it has ever made.

The transformation from convertible to coupe is no real surprise, the finished product is almost identical to the C-X16 concept from last year, but that’s certainly a good thing as in our opinion this has to be the best looking car currently on sale. The roofline sweeps down to the pert rear end, with the swollen rear wheelarches taking on new life in the coupe. It could be argued that there is little difference, but the transformation turns the F-Type Coupe into a seriously desirable machine. Mechanically there are a few surprises though. Firstly, there are three models as with the convertible, but there is no V8S, this is now the V8 R.

First up there’s the F-Type V6, with the 335 bhp 3.0 litre engine. Next we have the 375 bhp V6 S, but now at the top sits the V8 R with the 5.0 litre supercharged V8 from the XKR-S, putting out 542 bhp. Combine this with the fact that the coupe is around 100 kg lighter and the R has got serious supercar performance. 0 – 62 mph takes just 4.0 seconds on the way to a limited 186 mph top speed. This is the stiffest car Jaguar has ever produced as well, meaning that the handling and dynamics are set to be incredible – expect this to take the fight directly to the very best Porsche can offer.

Another surprise from Jaguar is to go the logical way on pricing. Porsche charge you more for a Cayman over a Boxster, despite them sharing the same mechanicals and not having a complex electrical roof mechanism. Not so with the F-Type Coupe – the V6 and V6 S come in at £7285 less than the convertible. The R Coupe starts at £85,000, but there is no direct comparative model in the convertible.

The F-Type Coupe goes on sale in March 2014