McLaren reveals the Speedtail! {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

26 Oct 2018

Well, it’s been about a week since an ultra-exclusive, already sold-out hypercar has been announced so it’s about time for another! This time the press release comes out of Woking though, in the hands of the most exciting supercar manufacturer around at the moment – McLaren.

McLaren are quite open about the inspiration for this Speedtail and it sits in the form of the legendary F1. That was conceived to be the best car in the world when created and it met that brief with aplomb. It was the fastest car in the world at that time, hitting 243mph, yet was very drivable at all speeds, fitted three people and all their luggage thanks to some very clever packaging and was a beautiful design to boot.

So now McLaren has created the Speedtail, which may be an homage in some ways to the F1 but has one single goal – to be the fastest McLaren ever built. So a great deal of usability has been sacrificed – not least because the Speedtail is over 5m long with a huge rear overhang – you can’t imagine parallel parking it outside Harrods for example. But it has achieved the goal, but not by the margin some were expecting of a car with such focus. The top speed is 250mph, a mere 7mph more than the car 24yrs older which seems a little on the low side given Koenigsegg and Bugatti top 260 with ease.

Powering this hyper-GT to that top speed is a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain producing 1036bhp – this is most likely to be the hybrid assist system from the P1 linked up to the company’s latest twin turbo V8 engine. The Speedtail weighs in at 1430kg.

The aerodynamic elements of the car are plenty, starting with the sleek teardrop shape, but plenty of additional elements certainly help. There are front wheel covers to start with (though I removed these for the top photo as I think they look awful!), the side mirrors are cameras and extend on stalk out from the bodywork but can be hidden to reduce drag, and there are flexible carbon fibre active aerodynamic ailerons. These are much like those on the Pagani Huayra but thanks to the use of flexible panels have a smooth finish with no harsh joins or pivots, all helping it to cut through the air.

The Speedtail is obviously designed to be the ultimate Grand Tourer though as t still sports the central driving position and three-seat layout of the F1, yet hasn’t got he luggage space for all three. This is why it comes across as a deeply confused car. But the Speedtail costs £2m and all 106 examples are sold already, so does any of this matter? Sadly most will never see tarmac and will sit in hermetically sealed cocoons for their lifetime, hoping to go up in value.

You may not be able to buy this McLaren, but you can win a McLaren 540C right here for just £6.40!