Mercedes-AMG GT-C Roadster revealed {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

20 Sep 2016

Drop-top GT takes some choice GT-R bits to create a new slick range-topper…


Mercedes has revealed the new convertible version of the popular GT coupe ahead of the public launch at the Paris Motor Show in a couple of weeks. The Mercedes-AMG GT-C Roadster is the name and we’re going to come straight out and say it – it looks far better than the coupe.

There’s more than a hint of the shape of the SLS Roadster about the new GT-C which is certainly a good thing. By taking on the GT-R’s 57mm wider bodywork, the GT-C gets a much more aggressive look than the standard GT-S coupe and gains a few more ‘R’ touches. These include the ‘Panamericana’ grille with the chrome vertical slats and active air management system behind it, while the front bumper gets enlarged intakes at the sides with a chrome bar, and the front splitter below the grille is also larger. There are new alloy wheel designs and at the rear the bumper gets vents similar to those on the GT-R and the extra cooling vent between the rear lights. The look is certainly more aggressive, but when you combine it with the new roofline and longer rear deck the GT-C manages to look more beautiful and balanced than the coupe.

Of course there are also plenty of changes under that beautiful skin to get us excited – not least of which is the more powerful engine. The 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 from the GT-S gets a rework to 549bhp (up 47bhp) and 501lb/ft (up 22lb/ft) which means that, along with the weight increase to 1660kg the GT-C Roadster takes just 3.7 seconds to get to 62mph and has a 196mph top speed.

The GT-C also gets some of the GT-R’s kit as standard, like the rear wheel steering system and adaptive damping system. There is also a GT Roadster model that has 469bhp and the standard bodywork from the coupe.

It is expected that the revised power, looks and tech will make it across to the Coupe shortly as well. The Mercedes-AMG GT-C goes on sale later this year at around £125,000, a relative bargain for the performance