Mercedes -AMG GT R Revealed. The inside scoop. {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

19 Jul 2016

Just don’t call it the GT-R, because Nissan won’t be very happy…..


Mercedes-AMG revealed the new GT R model to the world at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year – but take note of that little space between GT and R. Don’t, whatever you do put a hyphen in there because Nissan owns that name for its supercar and we don’t want any legal wrangling going on…

We’re already huge fans of the GT and GT-S here at BOTB, so the idea of a faster more focused model is rather exciting. The GT R takes the already successful GT-S model and gives it a thorough working over, to the point where a large portion of the car is completely new. Starting with the mechanicals, the 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 gets new turbos, a remap and a high compression ration among other changes which results in 577bhp and 516lb/ft of torque. Weighing in at 1555kg (around 85kg lighter than the S) this means 0-62mph is taken care of in 3.6 seconds and the top speed is 198mph. To help with handling there’s rear wheel steering and there’s a new titanium exhaust which gives the kind of sound that makes small children cry:

Visually the GT R gets a big makeover as well, with wider front and rear wings that house new 20-inch forged wheels. Up front there’s a seriously aggressive new front end dominated by the new ‘Panamericana’ grille, which features chrome vertical slats and is taken off the GT3 racer and pays homage to the old SLR racer of the same name. there are massive intakes in the bumper, plus an active diffuser at the rear which houses the new exhaust. Above it sits a carbon rear wing which combines with the other aero addenda to provide 155kg of downforce at the 198mph top speed.

The AMG GT R goes on sale later this year at a considerable premium over the £110,000 for the GT-S. Prices will be confirmed later in the year.