New York Motor Show 2016: Nissan GT-R 2017 {{favouriteCount}} Quantity of Likes

1 Mar 2016

Nissan has revealed the 2017 model year GT-R at the New York Motor Show, marking the biggest set of changes to the model launched in 2007 yet. This is set to be the last round of updates to the almost 10 year old model before the all-new hybrid R36 GT-R is launched in 2018.

With the GT-R it has always been about the mechanical bits, so we’ll deal with those first especially as they haven’t changed much. The engine remains the outstanding 3.8 litre twin turbo V6, but power has jumped by 20bhp to 562bhp, while torque is now 470lb/ft. The six speed dual clutch transmission and four wheel drive system stays the same. The new GT-R is set to sound better than ever (always a criticism of the GT-R) thanks to a new titanium exhaust system which gives a rich sound and also helps to reduce back pressure, improving mid-range power delivery. There is also adaptive cylinder shut down technology to help with economy. With such a small increase in power don’t expect the already crazy 0-62mph time of 2.8 seconds to change.

Externally the changes are limited to new front and rear treatments, much like the 2010 facelift, but this time much more aggressive. The front bumper now has a much larger central intake, with a grey central bridge and satin chrome ‘U’ section. Below the headlights are two trapezoidal intakes with the DRLs inside, while below those at the edges of the bumper sit new edge splitters. The ‘chin’ also protrudes much further now. New side sills follow the aero addenda from the front around to the rear, where there is a new diffuser housing the new exhaust system and a matching inverted satin chrome ‘U’. The rear is also much more deeply sculpted than before, and there is a new metallic orange colour and new design of 20-inch wheels.

Unlike the 2010 facelift, the 2017 GT-R gets a new interior, which in all honesty is long overdue. The old centre console was dated when it first came out, so we’re very happy to see the new changes. There’s a new, larger 8-inch touchscreen mounted high up, that has integrated lots of functions onto it meaning there are fewer buttons on the dash. There’s a new vent setup and climate controls below that, while below your elbow is a new satin carbon fibre transmission tunnel. There’s also a new steering wheel and the gearshift paddles are now attached to the wheel rather than the column, which is an odd move in our opinion – normally in a sports car the paddles are fixed to the column to ensure they’re always reached and known which is up and down the gears.  As can be seen from the press images there’s also a new tan brown leather trim, though these are images of the US spec car so this may change for Europe.

The 2017 GT-R will be available to order from April, and we await news on how much it will cost though we assume there will be a small rise over the current £78,000 price tag.